Thursday, April 19, 2018

Beretta USA Enters the Precision Long Range Field

Beretta USA announced entrance into the precision long range competitive field through corporate sponsorship of recent competitions. Beretta is equipping sport shooters, SWAT officers, law enforcement officers, elite military units, and long/extra-long-range shooters with the Tikka TAC A1, Sako TRG, and Victrix Armaments product lines.   Read More »

Comp-Tac CTAC Inside the Waist Holster

The Comp-Tac Victory Gear CTAC is a low profile concealed carry holster designed to work with even a shirt tail tucked in and works well for hot and or humid environments. It is designed to be worn behind the hip for the highest level of concealment even for large frame pistols.    Read More »

Lone Wolf ?721 Classic? (Minus) Connector for Glocks

Lone Wolf Distributors is reintroducing the 721 Connector, the “minus” connector, for trigger jobs on Glock pistols. Adhering to Glock’s original 1988 specifications, it features a corrosion resistant stainless steel body that was CAD designed and coordinate measurement machine verified.   Read More »

The Safariland Group Joins First Responders in Third Annual Run to Remember LA

The Safariland Group honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the line of duty as a sponsor in Sunday’s third Annual Run to Remember LA run along with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Police Chief Charlie Beck. LAPD Officer Andrew Taylor, and Safariland SAVES CLUB® member #997, joined 5,000 runners, including 2,000 first responders, that were cheered on by Safariland associates and family supporters. ... Read More »

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Target Model Pistol

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that it has added a Target Model to it’s award-winning SW22 Victory line of pistols. Chambered in .22 LR, the new SW22 Victory Target Model pistol incorporates featuresdesigned for competitive target shooting, including target sights, custom target thumb rest grip, and polished feed ramp. Read More »

Real Avid?s New Range Station

The Real Avid Range Station offers handgun enthusiasts a self-storing durable case that doubles as a reloading station, making time at the gun range more convenient and organized. Read More »

Bear Edge 61104 Pocket Knife

Bear Edge Knives introduces a new 3 ½” Frame Lock Folder, Model 61104 — a compact, lightweight and built to last pocket knife that’s built in America.    Read More »

ZEISS?s 2018 Tax Refund Days Promotion

The ZEISS annual “Tax Refund Days” promotion includes the all-new Conquest V4 family of riflescopes. Models include the 1-4×24, 3-12×56, 4-16×44, and 6-24×50 models.  Purchase any of these models and receive a $100.00 immediate in-store accessory credit at time of purchase.   Read More »

Federal Premium Ammunition Rejoins NASGW

  Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce the company has renewed its membership in the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers and will attend the group’s 2018 Expo and Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.     Read More »

Sootch00 Moves to is pleased to welcome Don Porter (aka “Sootch00”) and announces the dedicated “SootchZone” channel. Sootch00, known for “fun gun reviews and sensible survival” content, recently announced YouTube’s plans to terminate his channel.    Read More »

Firearms Industry Economic Impact Rises 169% Since 2008

 The total economic impact of the firearms and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $51.4 billion in 2017, a 169 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs rose from approximately 166,000 to almost 310,000, an 87 percent increase in that period, according to a report released today by the National ... Read More »

How to Tie a Crab Claw Via Ferrata Lanyard – ITS Knot of the Week HD

A via ferrata is a protected climbing route and usually involves fixed anchor points and steel cable. On this Knot of the Week, Bryan demonstrates how to create a Crab Claw Via Ferrata Lanyard to keep yourself safely clipped into the steel cabling as you traverse a route. The supplies needed to tie this Knot of the Week are listed ... Read More »

4 Experts on Why Americans Should Be Able to Own an AR Platform Rifle

Second Amendment rights have recently come under fire. Gun control advocates have specifically called the AR platform rifle and its merits into question. So we turned to a panel of experts to give us their thoughts on the AR platform. We tasked them with answering the question, “Why should every American be able to own an AR platform rifle?” Our ... Read More »

WATCH: Kentucky Police Officers Shoot, Kill Man Wielding Screwdriver

LEOs are forced to make split-second decisions in the heat of the moment. Body camera footage confirms that two Kentucky police officers made the right decision when they fatally shoot a man charging at them with a screwdriver. Watch the video above to see it all go down. RELATED STORY WATCH: Police Kill Suspect in San Francisco Barbershop Shootout Kentucky ... Read More »

VIDEO: TacStar Unveils Carbon Fiber AR-15 Handguards With Rail

Lyman brand TacStar has unveiled a new line of carbon fiber AR-15 handguards that come with an integrated Picatinny rail. These carbon fiber AR-15 handguards—available in 10-inch carbine length, 12-inch mid-rifle length and 15-inch full rifle length—boast an “unbeatable” strength to weight ratio and offer enhanced durability, TacStar’s press release says. RELATED STORY On Guard: 18 Field-Ready Handguard Systems In ... Read More »

POF Revolution: A Look at the Smallest, Lightest .308 AR Around

Searching for a rifle that fits a spectrum of applications can be a real struggle. We need a rifle that is a great fighter in close spaces as well as one that has sub-MOA accuracy out at real distances. Let’s also mix into this wish list a desire for a .30-caliber round while still keeping the weapon lightweight and easy ... Read More »

NEW: Anderson Manufacturing .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers

Anderson Manufacturing is known throughout the firearms industry for their quality AR-15 components, allowing consumers to build their own rifles, as well as offering complete firearms. While the .223 Rem/5.56 NATO may be the industry standard for modern sporting rifles, there are a lot of growing stars and darling calibers within the shooting sports. One […] Read More … The ... Read More »

CALI COMPLIANT: Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighter AR15 Mod Kit

I am sure the good folks over at Juggernaut Tactical will agree with the classic Steve Jobs quote: “Design is not just how it looks and feels like. Design is how it works” when it comes to functionality.  But luckily they also didn’t lose sight of visual appeal when it comes to the Juggernaut Tactical HellFighter […] Read More … The ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Blackwater Ammunition Universal Suppressor System BWS-1

Much like power adapters for small electronic devices, each silencer manufacturer has their own mounting system that is rarely compatible with competing companies products. While each system has its positives and negatives, I believe that consumers secretly want uniformity in their suppressor attachment systems. Blackwater Ammunition is unveiling the new BWS series of silencers that is […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Komatsu Factory’s Wooden Replica Guns

I stumbled across Komatsu Factory from his custom Multicam samurai armor (shown below). While looking for more information about the custom Cordura armor, I discovered a treasure trove. Komatsu had documented some of the build of this custom sewn armor along with an amazing body of work in wooden gun replicas. We have seen wooden […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Popular Rifle Calibers – Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms recently sent out an e-mail to all of their customers that lays out some pretty interesting information. All of us may be aware that Christensen Arms sells custom shop quality rifles in preferred long-range calibers for discerning hunters and target shooters. If you had to guess their Top 5 Most Popular calibers though, […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Lyman Products Announces New Tacstar Carbon Fiber AR-15 Handguards

Yes, another handguard. And yes, another carbon fiber handguard.  Faxon had one for SHOT 2017.  Brigand Arms had one in 2016.  Many companies have produced one, and a few also have integrated Picatinny rails like the one in the below press release.  A difference is that this handguard from Tacstar looks to come in at […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Women Post Pics In Support of Brenna Spencer – Send Yours to TTAG

As we noted in the digest Tuesday, Tennessee senior Brenna Spencer created a kerfuffle on Twitter over the weekend when she posted her senior photo. Eschewing the typical Sears Portrait Studio-style headshot, Ms. Spencer chose to go with environmental portraiture, prominently featuring a couple of things that are important to her. I don’t take normal […] The post Women Post ... Read More »

New from Garmin: Foretrex 701 with Applied Ballistics

I have been using Garmin products for about 20 years now. My first unit wasn’t nearly accurate enough for my overland surveying needs so my measuring tape (in tenths of feet not inches), Sunto compass and inclinometer had to do. During the 1990s, the US government intentionally degraded civilian accuracy of GPS units with what they […] The post New from ... Read More »

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Sean Simpson

Since the Parkland shooting, many teachers have decided that passive resistance and relying on someone else to provide school security is no longer an option. Hundreds of them nationwide have received training as districts decide to allow teachers to defend themselves and their students from potential shooters using firearms. So you’ll probably understand why advocates of […] The post Irresponsible Gun ... Read More »

Gun Review: Walther PPQ Sub-Compact 9mm

The Walther Polizei Pistole Quick Defense (PPQ) has gotten plenty of love from the TTAG staff. Several of our writers have reviewed different calibers of the pistol and each one of them has come away with the same, highly positive impression. And it’s no surprise that all the things we’ve liked so much in the […] The post Gun Review: ... Read More »

Ask Londoners How That’s Working Out For Them These Days: Quote of the Day

“(I)n countries with gun control, emotional turmoil does not result in regular mass shootings. This notion that if the would-be shooters were denied easy access to guns they would simply use something else, such as a knife? “Fine. Let them try to use knives. A Dutch man with a knife showed up to a school intending […] The post Ask Londoners ... Read More »

American Outdoor Brands replies to BlackRock investment firm

By Joseph P. Tartaro | Executive Editor February was a tough month for anything to do with guns because of the mass murder at the high school in Broward County, FL. The number of NICS checks for the month of February was down only 2 percent from the record numbers in 2016, but the shooting […] The post American Outdoor ... Read More »

Guns of the Union – ‘Gun Stories’

A little more than 150 years ago, the guns of the Union and Confederate forces finally fell silent, after five years of what would be described by both sides, as hell on earth. The Civil War fundamentally changed America, and the arms of the Civil War fundamentally changed warfare. I’ll be taking a look at those weapons, starting with those ... Read More »

Switchology 101: The Right Light for Your Firearm

Switchology: The sweet science of knowing your equipment well enough to exploit the darkness during a gunfight. Serious students understand that a gunfight isn’t going to happen on flat, even ground with great lighting and a stationary bad guy. Real fights usually happen in the dark or in diminished light, they’re usually close, they’re usually fast, and the bad guy ... Read More »

Accurize Your AR-15

Here are four steps to increase precision for the AR-15 AR-15s can be obscenely accurate. The design lends itself to consistency, making it an anomaly in the semiautomatic rifle world. Perhaps the primary reason is that unlike other semiauto rifles, the standard gas-impingement AR-15 doesn’t have a bunch of moving piston parts hanging off its barrel — meaning it can ... Read More »

Gatling Gun 2.0

GAU-8/A Avenger on display in the Cold War Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Richard Gatling’s venerable multi-barreled gun was initially slow to find an audience, but once it did, it projected its influence on a global scale. From the American West to Africa, Europe and Asia, the expeditious and rhythmic roar of gunfire at a ... Read More »

Review: The New Kahr S9

The Kahr S9 Okay, a philosophical question: Is there such a thing as an everyday carry pistol that is too small, too light and too easy to shoot? The last one, absolutely not. But the other two, now they are matters of opinion. I feel it is possible to get an everyday carry pistol that is too small and too ... Read More »

Review: SIG Sauer P220 Hunter 10mm Auto

SIG Sauer P220 Hunter 10mm Auto Earlier this year we needed a 10mm pistol to use on “Handguns & Defensive Weapons” television, and I turned to SIG Sauer’s P220 Hunter, a 2015 addition to the company’s stable of P220 variants. Unlike the rest of its stablemates, the P220 Hunter is a single-action-only semiautomatic. As the name suggests, it’s purpose-built for ... Read More »

Smith & Wesson Launches SW22 Victory Target Model Pistol

SW22 Victory Target Model Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the addition of its new Target Model to its SW22 Victory line of pistols. The SW22 Victory Target Model pistol is chambered in .22 LR, and incorporates features designed for competitive target shooting. Features include target sights, custom target thumb rest grip, and polished feed ramp.  “Since the launch of the SW22 Victory pistol in 2015, our customers ... Read More »


New WeaponGuard™ Feature Reduces Abrasion against the Skin Cincinnati, Ohio – Vertx® announces the launch of its new line of shirts designed to comfortably carry concealed weapons and gear. The collection includes the new Guardian button-down style shirt and the Assessor polo. Both shirts are part of the Vertx® VaporCore™ line, which includes garments powered by 37.5® Technology woven into ... Read More »

Hatsan Escort Dynamax: Inertia AND Gas Operated Shotgun

The Hatsan Escort Dynamax shotgun has a lot of cool features like a special buttpad and cheek rest designed to absorb as much of recoil energy as possible, a number of different coatings and surface treatments on different parts of the gun applied for increasing the durability and so on. However, the most interesting system incorporated […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Civilian MSBS GROT Hits the European Market

We at TFB have been following the progress of FB Radom’s MSBS/GROT for a while and back in October 2017 we reported that a semi-automatic civilian legal version would be launched in Europe. New reports reveal the civilian MSBS is about to be released in Europe. A number of European publications including MilMag and Frag […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TFB Review: ZORE-X Caliber Specific Gun Locks

If you own firearms, one necessity everyone needs is a gun lock. Whether you own a gun safe, small rope locks for the action of your firearm or you have been so ambitious as to create a safe room, all gun owners need a means and a way to safely lock and store their firearms. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Soviet Experimental AK-Based Designated Marksman Rifle

In the late ’50s, there was a need in the armed forces of Soviet Union for replacing the rifles deployed in sniper and DMR roles. By that time they were mainly using scoped Mosin-Nagant, SVT and SKS rifles. All these rifles were outdated and they needed something new that would better integrate with the newly […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Swiss to Debate EU-Style Restrictive Gun Control Laws

Switzerland has long been one of the safest and best-governed countries in the world. The landlocked country has historically very few firearms restrictions and high rates of gun ownership. Until 1996, the firearms laws in Switzerland were entirely up to the local cantons. Gun laws in Switzerland were generally less restrictive than in much of […] The post Swiss to ... Read More »

Make T-Shirts Great Again: WI Freshman Sues Principal Over Gun Shirt Ban

Who says kids today are a disappointing bunch of soft, overly-entitled, delicate snowflakes? Well, maybe some of them are. But they grow ’em tougher in Wisconsin. Matthew Schoenecker likes guns and T-shirts showing guns. But when the freshman wears the latter to Markesan High School, he is told to change, cover them, or spend the […] The post Make T-Shirts ... Read More »