Tuesday, September 26, 2017

H&H Medical Markets Better Tourniquet to Military

H&H Medical Corporation introduced a more effective tourniquet technology at Modern Day Marine 2017, a simple rubber strap that’s less painful than military-issue models. The Swat-T multi-function tourniquet is a length of non-latex rubber that can be securely wrapped around an extremity and is much more effective than the windlass-style tourniquets issued to Marines and soldiers today, according to Joseph ... Read More »

Lockheed to Develop ‘Legion Pod’ for Air Force F-15C Fleet

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Lockheed Martin Corp. will develop its latest Infrared Search and Track target pod for the F-15C Eagle fleet in an effort to get the most up-to-date targeting tech for the fourth-generation fighter, the company announced this week. “Lockheed Martin will produce more than 130 systems, which will be delivered for aircraft integration,” the company said in ... Read More »

Air Force Plans to Test Gunship Laser Next Year, Top Commando Says

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The head of Air Force Special Operations Command said the service plans to test an experimental type of laser destined for a gunship next year. “I remain an enthusiastic supporter of doing this demo,” Lt. Gen. Marshall “Brad” Webb, head of Air Force Special Operations Command, said Tuesday during a briefing with reporters at the Air ... Read More »

MDM 17 – DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Uniform in Woodland MARPAT

At Warrior West DRIFIRE officially unveiled their FR Field Uniform collaboration with Crye Precision. The initial model was in MultiCam, with additional patterns to come. ADS Inc featured this Woodland MARPAT version in their booth at this year’s Modern Day Marine. These Berry compliant uniforms are made with DRIFIRE’s durable and comfortable Fortrex fabric. It’s […] Read More »

TacJobs – Sales At Knight’s Armament Co

JOB TITLE: Sales (Various positions within Department) DEPARTMENT: Sales REPORTS TO: VP of Sales and Department Manager PURPOSE OF POSITION: To obtain sales personnel with a minimum of two years experience working within sales and sales support teams preferably in the firearms industry. This posting is for the Sales Department. Position can be in Commercial, […] Read More »

MDM 17 – RE Factor Tactical Helmet Cover

RE Factor Tactical was exhibiting in the Quantico Tactical booth and gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming helmet cover. It’s a combination of mesh and four way stretch softshell material. It has a couple of unique features. for instance, the side Velcro can be pulled down in order to route cables behind it. […] Read More »

MDM 17 – SureFire Advanced Rifle Operating Core

SureFire’s new Advanced Rifle Operating Core is a system consisting of an enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, Barrel Extension, Buffer and Spring. Because AROC requires a new Barrel Extension, they’ve also developed a Drop-In BCG called the Optimized Bolt Carrier. It includes Buffer and Spring. Although it’s not fully optimized like AROC, it is backward compatible […] Read More »

HatsanUSA Unveils The Riptor

HatsanUSA has announced the Riptor – a new C02-powered, semi-automatic BB pistol. The Riptor is the ultimate fun-gun for shooting cans or targets in the backyard. With its realistic blowback action, this is one plinker that you’ll want to take with you wherever you go. It’s also a great option for teaching pistol fundamentals to first-time shooters. “Hatsan fans have ... Read More »

How Early Handgonnes Work

Mike Beliveau has uploaded an interesting guest video on his Duelist1954 channel. Alexander Spiridonov, a Russian engineer and black powder scholar, explains how Europe’s earliest firearms worked in battle. Gunpowder reached Europe via Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Early European firearms began to emerge in the 1320s. By the 1500s Handgonnes were increasingly common […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Poland Renames Its MSBS Rifle ‘the Grot’

The Polish Army look set to renamed the MSBS-5.56 rifle the ‘Grot’, according to a recent report from MilMag. The move to rename the MSBS comes as Poland looks to make another large order for the rifles made by FB Radom. Radom confirmed the name change in a press release last week. While to English […] Read More … The ... Read More »

BREAKING: Army 7.62mm Rifle Program CANCELLED – ICSR is No More

The US Army’s program to field a new standard-issue 7.62mm caliber rifle is dead in the water, it seems. Multiple anonymous sources have informed TFB that the Interim Combat Service Rifle program has been cancelled as part of a massive review of US Army small arms programs. The program was officially announced on August 4th, and lasted […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Breaking: SilencerCo Maxim 50 Faces State Legal Challenges

A day after a dramatic product release that included “firearms” toting shooters carrying silencers moderators across the border into California, SilencerCo has announced that they are suspending sales to some states in the face of pending legal challenges. If you haven’t heard, the Maxim 50 is a muzzleloading rifle that includes a permanently attached silencer […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Breaking: GEMTECH CEO Ron Martinez Fired

I do not like reporting bad news – there’s plenty of it everywhere else in the world, why does it need to creep into one activity that I do primarily for fun. In any event, as confirmed by multiple industry sources, Smith and Wesson has fired Rob Martinez as CEO of Gemtech effective immediately. It is […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Early Night Vision: Vietnam Era AN/PVS-2 Starlight Scope

Fortunately night vision has come a very long way in terms of thermal and Infrared optics choices that today’s grunts have. However, once upon a time, 6 pound passive starlight PVS 2s were considered state of the art when it came to the capabilities of U.S. troops fighting at night. The scope first entered service […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Police seize homemade semi-automatic handgun

One mans humble dream of becoming a master craftsman at Taurus was cut short after Police in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil seized this entirely homemade .380 semi-automatic pistol (excluding the magazine) which was made in his backyard, presumably from melted down Coca-Cola cans. Such enterprising cottage industries operating out of garage workshops are regularly […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Life Card Revealed! Again!

In the video below, Western Journalism puts the Trailblazer Firearms Life Card single-shot .22 gun through its paces. Or, more accurately, adds captions to the recently released promo video. Speaking… The post Life Card Revealed! Again! appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Gun Hero of the Day: My Dad the Cowboy

I recently had to say goodbye to the man who introduced me to firearms. While I’m new here as writer, I hope that in the weeks and months to come,… The post Gun Hero of the Day: My Dad the Cowboy appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Gear Review: Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit

Back in June when I was at C.a.R Firearms talking to Fred Hastings about how he uses a digital protractor at his workbench, I was introduced to Vortex’s Torque Wrench… The post Gear Review: Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Here’s How Ruger’s New Hawkeye FTW Hunter Did at the Range

Originally published by John McAdams on Wide Open Spaces. In a previous article, I talked about my initial impressions of the brand new Ruger Hakweye FTW Hunter rifle. Since then, I’ve… The post Here’s How Ruger’s New Hawkeye FTW Hunter Did at the Range appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

York City, PA Discovers Gun Control Doesn’t Work

In York, a city overrun by guns, a boy lost his dad. Lives depend on halting the violence, the headline at yrd.com proclaims. Despite the “overrun by guns” and bloody… The post York City, PA Discovers Gun Control Doesn’t Work appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Tim Kennedy New 5.11 Brand Ambassador

This article originally appeared on Tactical 360.  It appears here in its entirety and with the express permission of 5.11 Tactical; you may very well have already heard this news, but some folks haven’t, so we’re sharing again. Mad Duo Brought to you today in its entirety thanks to the support of 5.11 Tactical! 5.11 Welcomes Tim Kennedy as Brand Ambassador ... Read More »

AFLoader: Automated Pistol Magazine Loader

Have you ever watched a torture test video on YouTube where the person on camera keeps getting handed magazine after magazine by someone off camera. They get to shoot and have fun while the Magazine Fairy keeps loading and handing over fresh, topped off magazines. Well, that is kind of the idea behind AFLoader – […] Read More »

Hard Point Equipment MantiCuda Mountain Man

Hard Point Equipment has introduced a number of new variations of their MantiCuda knife including a new no-frills, budget version called the MantiCuda Mountain Man. This version has all the same dimensions and functionality of the MantiCuda SRT including the G-10 handle slabs and 80CrV2 steel but it lacks the coating. It comes with a […] Read More »

The Legalities of SilencerCo’s Maxim 50

Editor’s note: Due to state laws in New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts, SilencerCo has issued a statement in reference to SilencerCo’s integrally suppressed  Maxim 50. Even though the Maxim 50 is federally legal, as per the response from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ongoing investigation is needed to determine if it is legal by state laws in… ... Read More »

*NEW* 300BLK CHF SBR / Pistol Barrels

A good majority of 300BLK ARs are build as either an SBR or AR Pistol and a good majority of those builds are also purpose built to be run suppressed so its safe to say they get their fair share of abuse. KAK Industry just introduced their new Cold Hammer Forged 300BLK barrels or as they call them “The Ultimate ... Read More »

Legality of SilencerCo’s Maxim 50 Being Challenged in 3 States

Photo by SilencerCo Photo by SilencerCo Photo by SilencerCo It took about 24 hours for the legalities of SilencerCo’s new Maxim 50 integrally suppressed muzzleloader to be called into question. The company launched the product Tuesday. There were initially shipping restrictions, but the Maxim 50 was deemed legal for use in all 50 states. Fast forward to Wednesday and the ... Read More »

‘Tanto’ Uncensored: 7 Questions with Benghazi Warrior Kris Paronto

Photo by Alex Landeen Kris Paronto and his signature American flag tattoo. Photo by Alex Landeen A former Ranger and private security contractor, Kris Paronto has served in various hostile territories worldwide, including Afghanistan and Libya (pictured), where he was a member of the CIA Annex security team in Benghazi. Photo by Alex Landeen “Yes, my life has vastly changed ... Read More »

POTD: Trench12 aka Short Barreled Cheetah12

The Cheetah12 is a Saiga style shotgun made in China and imported by SDS Imports. It is the replacement for the DDI12. Well Advanced Weapon Systems is working with SDS to get virgin receivers and barrels and is making the Trench 12. It is not a shotgun and just like the Mossberg Shockwave or the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Remington 700 Muzzleloader KABOOM – Man’s Bolt Action Rifle Detonates in His Hands [GRAPHIC]

Earlier this week, Fierce Firearms sales manager Courtney Crane posted a video and photos of an catastrophic event that occurred while his friend (unnamed) was shooting a Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader bolt action rifle. The event caused the complete destruction of the rifle, splitting the barrel like a banana peel and destroying the rifle’s stock. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

DSEI17 – H&K Unveil Upgrades to British SA80

At this years Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exposition in London Heckler & Koch have brought along their Mid Life Improvement of the British military’s SA80. The first images of the L85A3 appeared last summer. But some photos from the expo floor, posted by Soldier Systems Daily, show off the rifle’s new configuration. The mid life improvement […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Lake City to Come Under New Management? – Northrop Set to Buy Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK, the defense contractor who manages and operates the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, will soon be bought by defense giant Northrop Grumman, according to an article released on Reuters. The purchase price is expected to be close to $8 billion USD. From Reuters: NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N) […] Read More … The ... Read More »

New Super Night Owl Suppressor from Geissele at Modern Day Marine 2017

Gun accessory manufacturer Geissele has revealed its first ever production suppressor. The new can, called the “Super Night Hawk”, was revealed at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. Soldier Systems Daily broke the story with a teaser post, and a single image:   According to Eric Graves of SSD, Geissele is not currently looking […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Geissele Introduces VSASS Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle at Modern Day Marine 2017

Geissele has taken the step from manufacturing accessories, to making the guns themselves: The company released its new VSASS semiautomatic sniper rifle system at the Modern Day Marine 2017 industry demonstration. News of the new rifle was first broken by Soldier Systems Daily, via an article available at this link. The VSASS (which stands for […] Read More … The ... Read More »

How to Deal With the Firearms and Ammunition That Were Damaged By Flood

This article is written to help people who suffered from the recent floods to deal with the firearms and ammunition which have been damaged by the water. It is important to know how to properly restore, salvage or dispose of firearms and ammunition because unlike other items they can be dangerous if not taken care […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Serbian Zastava Special Forces AK Magazines

In the the constantly expanding category of ‘things I didn’t know existed’, TFB reader “ABKThereal” sent me these pictures of Zastava 7.62×39 AK magazines made specifically for the Serbian Special Forces. These mags are made with a combination of polymer and steel, feature a heavy duty baseplate and are “available” in 30 and 40 round […] Read More … The ... Read More »

B.E. Meyers BOARS-M2 Optic Mount

B.E. Meyers has announced a new optic mount for M2, M2A1, and M3 series of .50 caliber heavy machine gun platforms. The BOARS-M2 is a two part low profile QD optic mount. A base is installed onto the receiver and then the mount is attached. This replaces the older TVS-5 mount. While the TVS-5 mount […] Read More … The ... Read More »

S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand

Cole McCartney posted up this cell phone video of Ian shooting a S&W 500. It explodes in Ian’s hands and the barrel goes flying.   Unfortunately the video ends before Ian reacted to the explosion. I hope he is alright. This looks rather violent.   The post S&W 500 Explodes In Shooter’s Hand appeared first on The Firearm Blog. Read More »

Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .410 Shotgun Sold Out! Or Not.

Over at ammoland.com, Major Van Harl reports that Henry Repeating Arms is struggling to keep up with demand for its Lever Action .410 Shotgun. Henry’s website says the gun’s shipping now…. The post Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .410 Shotgun Sold Out! Or Not. appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Question of the Day: What YouTube Channels Have Your Attention?

In the video below, TheGunCollective collects their 16 favorite “up and coming” firearms-oriented You Tube channels. That’s a lot of channels. I don’t know about you, but I hardly have time… The post Question of the Day: What YouTube Channels Have Your Attention? appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

As we saw last week, MagnetoSpeed is branching out from chronographs into other firearms-related gear. Next up for them is a product designed to solve the frustrating difficulty of target… The post Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Daniel Defense Is A Damn Huge Company 😲

They built quite the brand.  CEO man is reflecting: Initially I wouldn’t have expected growth like that even with the insane panic buying (“Obummer guNNaH taKe MuH Guns”) state of the market a while back… but their AR-15s are quite affordable and the company has seemed to have been able to scale up effortlessly to meet demand (when others could ... Read More »

Silencer Maxim 50 – A 50 State Legal Suppressed Muzzleloader

This is genius: Here’s how to load, fire, and unload it (for those who aren’t familiar): Man muzzleloaders are a lot of work to shoot, but holy is that funny.  I bet they will sell TONS of them.  I bet California will figure out some way to ban it eventually. Next up a suppressed muzzleloader pistol? You can pick one ... Read More »

The Customized Gun Industry

The state of the customized gun industry is grim: The gun industry in general is really grim right now.  Sure there are a few companies putting out some cool stuff, but for the most part everything is incredibly cringey.  Who would actually want a shitty looking red colored subcompact glock, with wet kleenx stippling and colored filled dripping lettering “BLOOD ... Read More »

Plinking With Purpose

Is your shooting practice just boring or do make it productive? The post Plinking With Purpose appeared first on Handguns. Read More »