Thursday, February 22, 2018

SILENCER SATURDAY #7: The Sound Of Silence

Thanks for coming back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday – where the most important sound is silence. Besides a few odds and ends, today we will take a look at a few manufacturers located outside of the United States. Because of U.S. importation restrictions, the sale of foreign made suppressors is limited to military, government and […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: Unintentional Irony, Tactical Edge, Moi? F-Bomb Your AR, Suppressor? I Just Met Her!

On Twitter, Teachers Trade DIY Tips on Protecting Their Students Against Mass Shooters the headline at teases. I’m not surprised that Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropmeisters couldn’t see the irony of a teacher bitching that he had a chair leg for self-defense, asking for other strategies to combat school shooters. Hey Ian! WHAT ABOUT A […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

Florida Carry to Florida Legislature: End “Gun Free Zones,” Let Teachers Carry, Implement FASTER Training

U.S.A. –-( As the State of Florida mourns the loss of innocent lives on Wednesday in Broward County, I mourn too, but I am also angry. I am angry that the Florida Legislature has once again enabled an evil individual to take innocent lives because the Legislature refuses to acknowledge the fact that that evil people […] The post Florida Carry ... Read More »

Ralph: The Litany of Failures That Led to Mass Murder. And You Think GUNS Are the Problem?

The Air Force never reported the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church murderer despite his criminal conviction. The Army never reported Gabby Gifford’s shooter despite his failed drug test. The community college that he attended was scared sh!tless of him but did nothing. Douglas High School never reported the murderous little puke who gunned down a […] The post Ralph: The ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: My Favorite So Far!

I’m an OWG (I keto’ed the fat bit). As someone born a month before [now-anti-gun rights] Hawaii entered the union, I love seeing pocket dumps where armed Americans rock it old school. Ray’s pocket dump certainly qualifies . . . Not only does he carry a venerable, powerful, inherently desirable Smith & Wesson 629, […] The post Everyday Carry ... Read More »

[Watch] SHOT Show 2018: Beretta Shotguns

RECOILtv All Access at SHOT Show: Beretta Shotguns We stopped by the Beretta booth at Shot Show 2018 to have a look at their revamped 1301 line of shotguns and get the lowdown on the new features you can expect to see. Want to see more from RECOILtv? WATCH NOW! Read More »

New Walther PPS M2 RMSc | Single Stack 9mm That Won’t Break The Bank

The Walther PPS M2 RMSc adds yet another option to one of the most overlooked and underrated single stack 9mm pistols on the market. Since the PPS’ introduction in 2007, it has been the constant companion of thousands but has somehow been overlooked far more often than it should be. Maybe the new red dot equipped version of the German single stack… ... Read More »

Kifaru Launches Urban Ruck

The Urban Ruck is a rucksack-style bag which includes two zippered pockets, a space behind the main compartment for their new chamber slider panels (available in two styles and colors) and a belt pouch matrix on the front. Additionally, there are 4-way stretch water bottle pockets on either side as well as a front zippered […] Read More »

Warriors Online Tactical Magazine – Commando Assault Vehicle (CAV)

This is a piece by Bryan Ferreira of Warriors, a Portuguese online tactical magazine on the Portuguese Commando Assault Vehicle. In the world of Elite Commando Units there are hundreds of light assault vehicles. Land Rover is one the most prominent builders in this area, since the famous Special Air Service (SAS) pink panthers of […] Read More »


em>Brightest Addition to Tactical Light Series Offers 3,500 Lumens, Multi-Fuel Options EAGLEVILLE, PA, February 15, 2018 – Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced the ProTac® HL 5-X USB rechargeable system, the newest and brightest addition to the ProTac® series of tactical lights. Delivering up to 3,500 lumens, the new light comes with ... Read More »

Trump Hunting Preserve “Sounds Like a War Zone”

Michael Bloomberg is the deep pocketed former New York Mayor spending tens of millions promoting civilian disarmament. Hizzoner owns Business Insider. Business Insider has some negative opinions about Eric and Donald Jr.’s hunting habits . . .  Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. own a massive private hunting preserve in upstate New York — and neighbors say it […] The post Trump Hunting ... Read More »

What Does the FBI’s Inaction on Parkland Florida Spree Killer Mean to You? Question of the Day

I’d like to say I was shocked to discover the FBI had specific, credible information about the Parkland, Florida spree killer’s plans to commit mass murder — and did nothing. I wasn’t. As for why the Fibbies dropped the ball I turn to Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Be that […] The post What Does ... Read More »

Florida Gov. Scott to FBI Director Wray: Resign For Failure to Intercept Parkland Spree Killer

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has called on FBI Director Christopher Wray (below) to resign for his agency’s failure to investigate Nikolas Cruz back in January. According to statements given to WPLG 10 News in Miami, FL: Gov. Scott said in a statement. “The FBI’s failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable,” “The FBI […] The post Florida Gov. ... Read More »

Machine Gun Madness Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I was slogging through some of the saved bookmarks on my desktop this morning. I stumbled on an old article about a human factors guru named Earl Weiner. Since my last post on TTAG discussing guns, human factors and an Airbus A320 went over so well I figured I’d write a little bit about how Weiner’s […] The post Machine Gun ... Read More »

GunfightersINC President Weekend Sale

GunfightersINC is running a Presidents Weekend Sale. 15% off all products on our website. Now is a great time to grab a Kenai holster before the weather warms up and it’s time to head for the hills. Sale runs from 2/17-2/20 Read More »

DroneShield DroneGun MKII Granted a NATO Stock Number

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce that its DroneGun MKII product has been assigned a NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5865-66-164-5197. An NSN is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the “standardised material items of supply” as they have been recognised by all NATO countries including United States Department of Defense, and allows for any each […] Read More »

Save on BFG this President’s Day Weekend

Big President’s Day sale this weekend for Blue Force Gear. We’re giving everyone the Presidential treatment this weekend. The annual President’s Day Sale is now LIVE! Today (Friday) through Monday, get 20% off site-wide. SHOP NOW CHECKOUT CODE: POTUS Read More »

Longthorne Innovative Double-Barrelled Shotguns

Longthorne is a shotgun manufacturing company located in Northampton, UK. They make high-end over and under and side by side shotguns. This company is a relatively new one. It was established in 2010. What sets them apart from other companies is that they widely use modern technologies and unique design solutions. Particularly, they machine both barrels of […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TFBTV Hits 400,000 Subscribers!

Lately, TFBTV has made a habit of hitting significant landmarks on significant holidays. On New Year’s Eve 2017/18, TFBTV crossed the 100 million view threshold. Right on the heels of this achievement, Mardi Gras Day, February 13, 2018, TFBTV earned its 400,000th subscriber. Miles, Andrew, Corey, Mike, and James all appreciate your continued support and viewership […] Read More … The ... Read More »

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Catching Up With The SUREFIRE Field Notes Series

Our second installment of TFB’s new Friday Night Lights Series is focused on skill building with some of the best weapons handlers from the military, law enforcement, and civilian training circles. The set of SUREFIRE Field Notes videos on YouTube is an excellent way to spend a few minutes watching and listening to professionals as […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Rent-A-Reticle: Optic Rental Business

Jarod of Parker Mountain Machine makes accessories for a various firearms. He has focused on the SCAR platform and branched out to CZ scorpions. Now he offers a variety of slide cuts and RMR cuts for various pistols. Well now he has started a new venture called Rent-A-Reticle that rents out optics. How Does Rent-A-Reticle […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Advertising: For Those Who’d Drink Their Own Urine, the RDB Survival

What we would do “if we had to” hopefully we’ll never have to find out. In the last edition of Recoil magazine (and perhaps elsewhere, but that’s where I found this image) KelTec suggests their ad that people who would drink their own urine also should get their 5,56 mm RDB Survival bullpup firearm. Now […] Read More … The ... Read More »

POTD: Übung Eiskristall 2018

The Mountaineering Brigade 23 “Bavaria“, which is specialized in infantry fighting in difficult to extreme terrain. They operate at high altitudes and under harsh climatic and weather conditions and is stationed in five locations in southern Bavaria with 5,300 soldiers. The brigade has some unique range of tasks in the German Army and therefore also […] Read More … The ... Read More »

POTD: Fire Breathing Kel-Tec PMR-30

My friend Meng captured this image when I took him and some other friends out to shoot some of my guns. We started late and by the time we hit the range we had an hour left of daylight. Luckily we all had flashlights and I brought my night vision. One of the guns I […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: The NRA Can be Beat, Foiled School Shooting, Promises Promises, You Can’t Handler the Truth!

“Candidates must realize that reducing gun violence is a winning and moral issue,” The New York Times’ Editorial Board opines over images designed to short-circuit rational thought. “Aggressive turnout by voters who believe this can defeat the N.R.A. at the polls. Until then, the bloodshed will continue.” Yeah, that’ll stop the criminals, crazies and terrorists! […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

Russians for Gun Control!

“Americans hoping to connect with other Americans on social media after the deadly school shooting in Florida may find themselves mired in a surge of content from Kremlin-linked accounts,” reports. Guess which side of the gin control “conversation” the Russians are promoting . . . According to live data collected by the nonpartisan Hamilton 68 dashboard, Russian-linked […] The post Russians for ... Read More »

CNN Pumping Out Fake News on Florida Gun Laws

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, CNN sent out the following Tweets from their verified account . . . Really CNN? Really? In Florida we don’t need a conceal weapons permit to conceal carry any long guns? As a resident of the Sunshine State and a member of the Law Enforcement Community, I […] The post CNN Pumping ... Read More »

Deputies Called to Florida Spree Killer’s House 39 times Over 7 Years; Cruz Posted “I Can Do So Much Better” Than Previous Mass Shooter

As we said, mass murderer Nikolas Cruz was a known threat. According to, Broward County Florida deputies were called out to Cruz’s residence 39 times over a period of seven years. “The nature of the emergencies at his Parkland home included ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance’ and ‘missing person.’” In case that’s […] The post Deputies Called ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Shed Antler Hunting?

Why would you find antlers in a shed? Is Shed antler hunting anything like good will hunting? But seriously folks, northeast Ohio resident Chad’s pocket dump may not be an everyday carry, but it does contain a Kimber and a Chip McCormick 10-round railed power mag so . . . awesome! Unless Chad comes across […] The post Everyday Carry ... Read More »

Hunting Socks | Long Range Comfort

Looking for long range comfort when you’re on the stalk? Good hunting socks can be a part of that. Breach-Bang-Clear Brought to you in part today by Ballistic Advantage: baller barrel badassery. Hunting Socks Long Range Comfort News Desk, via OFFGRID There are significant things to consider when purchasing socks for hunting, hiking, or other rigorous outdoor activities that put socks ... Read More »

Daniel Defense | Introducing the DDM4v7P EDC AR Pistol

Daniel Defense has released an AR pistol “…built for every day carry”: the DDM4v7P. Breach-Bang-Clear The Daniel Defense DDM4v7P EDC AR Pistol – it packs a lot of protection in an even smaller, lightweight, compact package. DDM4v7P |M4v7P EDC AR Pistol New Pistol Classified DD Release Available in 5.56 or 300 BLK News Desk Daniel Defense has announced the release of ... Read More »

So You Want To Buy A Gun: New Or Used?

A high-quality handgun can cost hundreds of dollars, whether it’s new or used. These tips can help you make the right choice when you buy a gun. The post So You Want To Buy A Gun: New Or Used? appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

NEW: Seekins Precision Havak Rifle

Tom Beckstrand, Rifles & Optics Editor for Guns & Ammo, visits with Glen Seekins, owner of Seekins Precision, about their new Precision Havak Rifle. The rifle is custom-built and has four locking lugs with a 90 degree bolt throw. It is available in multiple calibers, including 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag. The Precision Havak is equipped with a 3-pound Timney ... Read More »

Scalarworks LEAP Mounts

I posted about Scalarworks’ upcoming LEAP Scope Mount yesterday. In that post, I mentioned that LDM mounts were being rebranded as LEAP mounts which prompted a few curious emails about the fate of LDMs to land in my inbox. Here’s the scoop… Scalarworks has stated that the move from LDM to LEAP is “mostly a […] Read More »

[Watch] SHOT Show 2018: Ariat Boots

RECOILtv All Access: Ariat Boots There are boots you want to keep in pristine condition, but then there are boots that are designed for hard work. With the latter, usually, those traditional-style boots don’t offer much in the way of comfort or support. Ariat aims to change the game on all that with a line of work boots that blends classic… ... Read More »

Step Aside Hk–Check Out the V36C

Since 2001, Heckler & Koch (Hk) has been producing a stubby version of their G36, named the G36C. This 5.56 rifle has a barrel just shy of 9-inches, and with the stock folded has an overall length around a mere 20-inches. But that’s not the rifle we’re discussing today. We’re fans of anything weird, especially weapons that never existed but… ... Read More »

Sterilized Raven Concealment Freya Being Offered For A Limited Time

For a limited time, you can pick up a sterilized Raven Concealment Freya Glock 17 Gen 3 mag well on the Raven Concealment website. Why should you care? If you are looking to build a clone of one of Chuck ‘Roland’ Pressburg‘s now internet famous blasters (#rolandspecial), this is the way you can get your mitts on a mag well that… ... Read More »

Celebrate President’s Day and Save in the ITS Store!

While you may not get the day off work on Monday for President’s Day, you can still celebrate by saving 15% off in the ITS Store! Now through Monday, use the coupon code PRESIDENTSDAY at checkout to save 15% on your order. As a special bonus, Crew Leaders, Plank Owners and Life Members can save an additional 5% off their ... Read More »

Greg from Chili’s – Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 95

With the Olympics in full swing, this week on Ridiculous Dialogue we discuss how much better events would be if a normal person was forced to compete alongside top athletes. We also gave an update on Elon Musk’s crazy goals and how he’s pushing the boundaries of not just the world, but the universe. Finally, it wouldn’t be Ridiculous Dialogue ... Read More »

TacJobs – Daniel Defense Seeks Inside Sales Representative

Department: Sales Division: Sales and Marketing Date: 2/15/2018 Job Summary: The Inside Sales Representative will be responsible for the functions outlined below , reporting to the Director of US Sales. Essential Functions: 1. Manage and grow wholesale customer accounts to drive revenue for Daniel Defense and ensure excellent customer satisfaction. 2. Manage assigned customer accounts […] Read More »

Team MultiCam Releases Next Video in Ambassador Profile Series

Brand Ambassador, Travis Gibson Documentary Profile Premiers this Month Brooklyn, NY, February 16, 2018 – MultiCam®, the combat-proven, complete family of concealment solutions for those who demand the best, has announced the next video in their Team MultiCam® Brand Ambassador series with the release of the Travis Gibson Documentary feature. This next video in the […] Read More »

ZEV Technologies Announces NEW – ZEV PRO COMPENSATOR

The PRO compensator was designed specifically for the G19 but will fit and function on other 9mm Glock models with a 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel and will generally cycle with standard 9mm ammunition without any modification to the guide rod or recoil spring. Due to its compact design, when installed on a G19 with […] Read More »