Thursday, February 22, 2018

Women Outdoor News | How to Clean a Pistol

How to clean a pistol – a simple breakdown by none other than Becky Yackley. Breach-Bang-Clear Brought to ya today in part by GEMTECH – World Class Silencers. How to Clean a Pistol News Desk, via Women’s Outdoor News Becky Yackley has been a shooting competitor since 1989. Her disciplines include service-rifle, air rifle, air pistol and long range rifle. She ... Read More »

Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt GRID

The Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt is now available with their GRID fabric. GRID is a laser cut material with a series of voids that create a MOLLE compatible surface. The Combat Belt GRID is 3″ wide and padded with 3/8″ thick closed cell foam for comfort and support. Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt GRID Read More »


February 19, 2018 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be exhibiting its full range of laser and flash suppression solutions for military and law enforcement applications at Enforce Tac in Nürnberg, Germany 7-8 March, 2018 in hall 11.1 at booth 137. The company will be showcasing its full catalog of products, including: […] Read More »

ShotLock AR Solo-Vault: Home Defense Ready? Maybe.

Let’s be frank here, there’s not a whole lot of excitement that comes with secure gun storage. Yes, there are flags with hidden compartments, crazy furniture, and about everything Tactical Walls makes, but most of your run-of-the-mill solutions aren’t super sexy. A heavy, anchored, quality gun safe in conjunction with other layered security measures are going to be the hardest… ... Read More »

New Offerings from Savage Arms: B Series Left Hand & Compact Rifles

Savage Arms announced the addition of two new rifles, the B Series Left Hand and the B Series Compact. These bolt action rifles add to Savage’s already extensive lineup of rimfire rifles. The B Series Left Hand is as the name implies– a left-handed rifle. This solves the problem of lefties having to work the bolt with their right hand. This is… ... Read More »

Will US export ban SCALP Franco-Egyptian Rafale deal? | Navy awards contracts to mature FFG(X) designs | Airbus blasts Germany’s export restrictions

Americas Five shipbuilding firms have been awarded US Navy contracts worth $15 million each to deliver conceptual designs for the Guided Missile Frigate (FFG(X)) program—the effort for the service’s future frigate. Awarded to Huntington Ingalls, Lockheed Martin, Austal USA, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, the contracts task the firms with submitting mature designs to the Navy ... Read More »

Law Industries Kneeboard

UK-based Law Industries makes SERE and recce equipment. Their LI Kneeboard is designed to sit on your knee allowing a solid writing surface for your Fieldnotes or Moleskine notepad. Think of it as a hard surface when you need one. They offer several customization options, so check out their site to learn more. Read More »

Former CEO and Executive Management of Defense Contractor, Wellco Enterprises, Inc., Pleads Guilty to $8.1 Million “Made In The USA” Marketing Scheme and Government Contract Fraud

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. – On February 15, 2018, the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Wellco Enterprises, Inc. (Wellco) and Tactical Holdings Operations, Inc. (Tactical Holdings), Vincent Lee Ferguson, 66, of Knoxville, Tennessee, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  Wellco’s former Senior Vice President of Sales, Matthew Lee Ferguson, 41, of Geneva, Illinois, […] Read More »

B.E. Meyers & Co. at Enforce Tac

February 19, 2018 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be exhibiting its full range of laser and flash suppression solutions for military and law enforcement applications at Enforce Tac in Nürnberg, Germany 7-8 March, 2018 in hall 11.1 at booth 137. The company will be showcasing its full catalog of products, including: the MAWL, GLARE, and IZLID series of lasers; as well as the BOARS-M2 modular optic […] Read More »


Last but definently not least, the R-LIFT is the lightest and most versitle rigid litter on the market. Yes, as an individual litter this is more expensive than your typical rigid littler, but the value is in the system. At 6.5lbs, it is half the weight and size of any other rigid litter on the […] Read More »

NEW: Langdon Tactical’s Full-Size Beretta PX4 Carry Pistol

Last year, Ernest Langdon and his company Langdon Tactical teamed up with Beretta to launch the customized PX4 Compact Carry. Now, Langdon Tactical is introducing the PX4 Carry. PX4 Carry Features RELATED STORY Reporting for Duty: Testing the Beretta APX 9mm Pistol Chambered in 9mm, the PX4 Carry is a full-size version of the PX4 Compact Carry, boasting all the same bells ... Read More »

WATCH: Suspect Shot After Attacking Georgia Police Officer With Knife

A man who led police on a high-speed chase and crashed his car was then shot and killed after he climbed out of his wrecked vehicle and wildly lunged at a Georgia police officer with a knife. Watch the dash cam footage of the dangerous encounter above. RELATED STORY WATCH: NYPD Officers Shoot Knife-Wielding Suspect in the Bronx Chief Andy Strait ... Read More »

Testing Modularity with 3 Different Versions of the SIG P320

Modularity is all the rage these days. Thanks to the U.S. Army’s XM17 pistol contract, it’s been at the forefront of the firearms world for some time now. The biggest component of this request for manufacturers was for a pistol that could easily be configured and reconfigured to handle several different uses. Sounds like a good idea, right? One serialized ... Read More »

Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition (UE) for 2018

I confess that after almost 9 years of using, obsessing over, and writing reviews of “high-end” flashlights I’ve become somewhat jaded. Gone are the days when Surefire and Streamlight dominated the flashlight market. Now we have boutique manufacturers making titanium, brass, copper and exotic metal beauties…we have an onslaught of original and copycat designs from […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TFB Review: Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum® .357 Magnum

There is a lot of love for semi-auto pistols nowadays, but it is hard to beat the reliability, power and clean manufacturing of a revolver. In this TFB Review, we take a look at the stout Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum® .357 Magnum with a 2 3/4″ barrel. model 66 Specifications The Smith & […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Brazil’s INA submachine gun reloaded – Part 1

While still under the effect of the strong wake created by the flood of new, eye-catching  SHOT 2018 products, this old scribe was somehow motivated to once again write on older, lesser-known stuff. The chosen subject was the INA submachine gun. Very well known in Brazil due to decades of use by the local armed […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Improvised Rifle-Mounted 23mm Autocannon Projectile Launcher

A YouTube channel called WarDoc has published a video where they show a rifle grenade launcher made in self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. This device is basically a tube attached to the muzzle of an AK-74 rifle. Instead of purpose made rifle grenades, it uses the projectiles of 23x152mmB autocannon rounds. As in the case of many […] Read More … The ... Read More »

PSA: Short Run of Peterson Match Grade Brass Out of Spec

Peterson Cartridge Company is a manufacturer of brass casings for handloaders that are primarily designed for and used by long-distance shooters. Although they are a smaller company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania they produce a very healthy amount of Peterson Match Grade Brass for consumers. It was brought to their attention by a customer recently […] Read More … The ... Read More »

POTD: NSSF SHOT Show Infographic for 2018

If you have ever attended SHOT Show recently you know that you better put on your walking shoes. It is huge! Just how huge?… Like, the size of the New Orleans Saints’ Superdome huge! The title sponsor for SHOT Show, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), compiled an impressive list of statistics in an all-encompassing […] Read More … The ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why Vz. 58 is NOT an AK

No, Vz. 58 is not an AK version. The recently released video by Kalashnikov Media was just a good additional source to start talking about this topic. This rifle is so many times confused with the AK, that even Kalashnikov Media dedicated a separate video in their video series called “Kalashnikov: Around the World” to tell the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Injured Helicopter Hunter Sheds Light on Aviation Loophole

Hunting is dangerous. Guns are dangerous. Helicopters are dangerous. How about people are dangerous when they don’t properly know how to hunt, shoot or fly? According to News 4 San Antonio . . . Last September Thomas Swan and a friend were on a hog hunt near Burnet when the helicopter they had hired experienced […] The post Injured Helicopter ... Read More »

Why Bother Talking to Gun Control Advocates? Question of the Day [VIDEO]

ThePatriotNurse ain’t got time for “a discussion about guns” with gun control advocates (or whatever they’re calling themselves today). “They’re like the worst girlfriend ever,” she opines. “Like she doesn’t give you anything, she only takes, takes, takes; and at the end of the day you look around and go whoa! I’m lighter in the […] The post Why Bother ... Read More »

Prominent Republican Donor: I Will Only Fund Pro-Gun Control GOP Candidates

Al Hoffman Jr. is a Palm Beach County Real Estate Developer and prominent (i.e., deep pocketed) GOP donor. Mr. Hoffman has issued a public ultimatum on the Florida Republican Party . . . “For how many years now have we been doing this — having these experiences of terrorism, mass killings — and how many years […] The post Prominent Republican ... Read More »

Gun Review: Kimber Micro 9 Raptor 9mm

My first everyday carry pistol was a Colt Government .380. By the time I was old enough to carry it, I’d forgotten where it came from. So I took it apart and discovered it was a modified U.S. Government-issued firearm. That made it a collector’s piece, which turned out to be a blessing. Because collector […] The post Gun Review: ... Read More »

Congressional Rep Trey Gowdy: Ban Bump Fire Stocks! [VIDEO]

“Bump stocks turn semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic weapons,” South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy pronounced on CBS Face the Nation [below]. “Fully automatic weapons are already illegal, so I am fine with doing away with any instrumentality that converts a semiautomatic to a fully automatic.” Wait. What? Even our pro-gun politicians think that machine guns are illegal? […] The post Congressional Rep ... Read More »

NRA is Pro-Life, Planned Parenthood is Pro-Death: Quote of the Day

“It is a contradiction in political philosophy to promote Planned Parenthood while accusing gun rights advocates of being against life. Planned Parenthood is America’s abortion giant, and is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every single year. The NRA, by contrast, does not advocate gun violence or promote a culture of death. In fact, […] The post NRA is ... Read More »

The Briefing Room: DIY Suppressed Upper Receiver Build

In this episode we get some parts from Primary Weapon Systems to start a build that will hopefully be a sweet shooting suppressed upper. Using their adjustable bolt carrier to regulate gas and their fantastic looking upper to hold everything together, it looks good. Can’t wait to head to the range and see […] Read More »

5 Gun Debate Talking Points

The gun debate can be marred with myths and misconceptions. Don’t fall prey to them. The post 5 Gun Debate Talking Points appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

Ammo Storage and Malfunctions: Yes, They Can Be Related

Proper ammo storage can keep your defensive ammo effective for decades. Find out how to store and maintain your ammo to avoid malfunctions and deterioration. The post Ammo Storage and Malfunctions: Yes, They Can Be Related appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

Indonesia finally inks Su-35 deal with Russia | Boeing begrudgingly expresses interest in Canada’s fighter comp, say source | HMS Ocean sold to Brazil

Americas All three variants of the F-35 have been cold weather tested by the Joint Strike Fighter Operational Test Team (JOTT) at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. The testing comes ahead of the aircraft’s stationing at Eielson from 2020, which poses some of the harshest environments that the fighter will operate in, and was part of the pre-Initial Operational Testing ... Read More »

UST – ParaShovel Pro

The ParaShovel from Ultimate Survival Technologies is an inexpensive, multifunction item, suited for keeping in the trunk. Think of it as more of a trowel than shovel, but the handle is wrapped in 2.5m of ParaTinder, essentially paracord with an added internal strand of tinder which is distinguished by its red color. The rest of […] Read More »

FigureBase – Trickyman TM001 Seal Team 6 Squad Leader

The Trickyman TM001 SEAL Team 6 Squad Leader figure comes in at 5″ tall, with a super deformed style design. Highly articulated, it comes complete with a helmet w/ NVD, combat vest, rifle, pistol, and, get this, a removable beard. Read More »

Buy a Rifle with a Mounted and Zeroed Scope: Guns for Beginners

Ideally, a rifleman/hunter should know how to choose, mount and zero a scope for his or her rifle and choice of ammunition. And ideally I should be doing yoga. Soi don’t worry about The People of the Gun who look down at you if you buy a hunting rifle ready to go, whether it’s an […] The post Buy a ... Read More »

New from Tech Smith MFG: B&T Tailhook Brace Adapter

I really enjoy shooting my B&T TP9, which I reviewed here. I haven’t registered it as an SBR yet. I’m just not convinced it’s going to stay in my permanent collection. The main reason: its proprietary suppressor is just too expensive to use on only one weapon. Sure it’s a great suppressor, but if I’m going […] The post New from ... Read More »

Florida Social Services Closed Case 0n Parkland Spree Killer Despite “Behavioral Struggles,” Nazi Sympathies and a Plan to Buy A Gun

“Florida’s state social services agency investigated Nikolas Cruz’s home life more than a year before police say he killed 17 people at his former high school, closing the inquiry after determining that his ‘final level of risk is low,’ despite learning that the teenager had behavioral struggles and was planning to buy a gun,” […] The post Florida Social ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Mouse Gun Uber Alles! But .32 ACP . . . ?

Bryan Ward’s pocket dump features a North American Arms (NAA) Guardian in .32 ACP. NAA introduced that gun in 1997; I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Ward’s gun was born the same year Playhouse Disney first hit the airwaves. Lightweight entertainment, lightweight stopping power? Let’s put it this way . . . NAA reconfigured […] The post Everyday Carry ... Read More »

Jason Swazey Joins Kelty Tactical As Government Sales Manager

Over the past couple of years, Kelty Tactical has been introducing new products and Scott ring some wins so it’s great to see they’re bring in Jason Swazey to give Dan Eubank a hand. Jason comes on board as the Government Sales Manager, a role he is well suited for. I’ve known Jason for over […] Read More »

Aloha Friday at All Skill No Luck

All Skill No Luck took the Internet by storm with their Plaid Combat Shirts. Now, they are creating Aloha versions. This Short Sleeved Shirt incorporates shoulder pockets. The torso component works like a vest and can be removed. Read More »

What Part of “Gun Control Doesn’t Work” Don’t Gun Control Advocates Understand? Question of the Day

Common sense doesn’t equal rational analysis. So when gun control advocates call for “common sense gun control” after a firearms-related spree killing they’re channeling their inner Wizard of Oz . . . Background checks didn’t work? The FBI failed to act on a specific, credible threat? An unarmed teacher and designated security guard confronted the […] The post What Part ... Read More »

What Sort of Man Carries a GLOCK?

You’re probably too young to remember Playboy’s ad campaign “What sort of man reads Playboy?” Hell, you’re probably too young to remember Playboy. It was (is?) a magazine featuring heavily retouched pictures of naked women with written words that allowed pre-Internet males to claim “I read it for the articles.” An assertion so absurd that […] The post What Sort ... Read More »

New York Times “Fact Checking” On Guns Is A Joke

Checking Facts and Falsehoods About Gun Violence and Mental Illness After Parkland Shooting. That’s the headline hovering above a New York Times article that is a parody, a mockery of factual analysis. A piece of anti-gun agitprop the descends into pseudo scientific claptrap faster than you can say “mass shooting” . . . “Mental health […] The post New York ... Read More »

Guns Aren’t the Problem: Quote of the Day

“Guns are not the problem. We are the problem. And until we face the ugly truth that we enable troubled individuals to commit mass killings by turning a blind eye to a social environment we created, and continue to support and perpetuate, we will again and again witness these senseless, heartbreaking tragedies.” – Mass Shootings are […] The post Guns Aren’t ... Read More »

2A News – February 18th, 2018

Welcome to the weekly 2A News. Every week, Guns&Tactics wants to give you a recap (with links!) to the shenanigans the gungrabbers are trying to do to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. Remember, when they say, ‘Common Sense Gun Laws™’, they are lying. Now, let’s get started: A mass-murder took place at a high school in […] Read More »