Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wild Things – MultiCam Level 7 Jacket Awarded NSN

The Wild Things High Loft Jacket 2.0 has been issued NSN 8415-01-610-5416 (size Large). It is the same jacket as the Level 7 jacket in Grey, except this version is MultiCam. It is made from 2-Layer fabric with GORE FASTPACK technology with 330D Cordura reinforcements and insulated with 6 oz of PrimaLoft Silver Active synthetic […] Read More »

2018 FibroTex Camouflage Workshop

Now in its 3rd consecutive year, the FibroTex camouflage workshop is back, with even more terrain, information and participation. *Due to the sensitivity of the equipment and participants – the workshop is only open to participants from the Military, police and Government* Read More »

New Bench Top Work Mat from PDW

Specialized Work Mat for Craftsmen, Makers, DIYers, and Tinkerers The mat is made especially to keep your project organized and to prevent the loss of small items. Made from flexible food grade PVC, the mat features ten compartments that are perfect for working on knives, watches our any other DIY project you are tinkering with. […] Read More »

Japanese 28-Foot Tall, 7-Ton Armed Robot: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We’re not anime fans, but Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo apparently is. The engineer is enough of one, in fact, that he’s spent a fair amount of time and his employer’s money (he works for Sakakibara Kikai, a farm equipment maker) to build himself a Mobile Suit Gundam-style robot called Mononofu. “I think this can be turned into […] The post Japanese 28-Foot ... Read More »

What Will Dick’s Do With Those Rifles and Magazines They Won’t Sell? They’re Destroying Them.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced plans to destroy the modern sporting rifles, magazines and accessories they pulled from their shelves in recent weeks. That’s the word from a corporate spokesperson asked about pallets of inventory removed from displays nationwide. The sporting goods dealer’s mouthpiece said the firearms would be destroyed at regional distribution centers and […] The post What Will ... Read More »

Gear Review: Hold Ur Fire Pistol Storage and Transportation System

Perusing the photo-pandemic known as Instagram, my heart rate kicked up and my finger slid to an abrupt stop on an unlikely image. It wasn’t the latest innovation in arms – I was getting my first look at the Hold Ur Fire Kit – a slick system for organizing, storing, and transporting your smaller arms […] The post Gear Review: ... Read More »

The Race is On To Be the New, Dominant Gun Video Platform – Quote of the Day

“We’ve been working very hard every day to save the gun tubing community. Whether it’s us or Gunstreamer or Full30, we really want one of the new websites to come up top … Whoever it is, we’ll be very happy.” –’s Josh Vidana in YouTube’s Crackdown On Firearms Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms [via […] The post The Race ... Read More »

F-35 deliveries halted in latest Lockheed-Pentagon row | Osprey JPO on export sales push, Israel interested | German Tornados can’t fly at night

Americas A contractual row between the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Lockheed Martin has resulted in the Pentagon ceasing to accept deliveries of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. While it is not clear when exactly the suspension of deliveries began, it follows a previous halting for 30 days in 2017 after corrosion where panels were fastened to the airframe ... Read More »

Federal Premium Adds to Lineup of American Eagle Rifle Ammunition

ANOKA, Minnesota – April 12, 2018 – Federal Premium is pleased to announce it has added new calibers and grain weights to its full line of American Eagle rifle ammunition. Shipments are being delivered to dealers. American Eagle rifle ammunition offers consistent, accurate performance at a price that’s perfect for high-volume shooting. The already expansive […] Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: Arming Them With Ballots, New Jersey Equality and Coming for Your Guns

Teen birthday vote drive targets pro-gun lawmakers Giffords, Watts and Bloomberg are organized, well-funded and highly motivated . . . Gun control advocates are planning to send birthday packages to newly turned 18-year-olds in 10 states where they believe pro-gun lawmakers are vulnerable. Inside each: a voter registration form. The effort is part of a […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

Leon County, Florida Imposes Universal Background Checks, Three-Day Waiting Period

Much is changed in what was formerly known as The Gunshine State since Parkland. Republican Governor Rick Scott signed a new gun control bill into law that raises the minimum age to buy a long gun to 21, outlaws bump fire stocks, establishes “extreme risk” protection orders and imposes a three-day waiting period on long […] The post Leon County, ... Read More »

Gun Zero of the Day: Jeffrey Craig Zeigler

Forteen-year-old Brennan Walker knocked on a Rochester Hills, Michigan house Friday morning after he missed his school bus. All he wanted were directions so he could get to school in time for first period. Instead, he almost got a load of buckshot. The lady of the house seemed to jump to conclusions. “I knocked on her […] The post Gun Zero ... Read More »

Summer Shorts on Special!

Propper has their shorts for sale. Needin’ some for Summer? Everybody feels better in shorts. Kick into spring with 20% savings on Propper’s most popular shorts thru 4/22 with promo code SHORT20. You’re welcome! Don’t go out in the world like this. Be sure to join the Propper International Insider Community & earn rewards. The post Summer Shorts on Special! ... Read More »

Happening This Weekend: Rallies And USCCA Expo

By Dave Workman Two big things are happening this weekend. At state capitols around the country, the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans will hold Second Amendment rallies, primarily in response to the highly-publicized “March For Our Lives” gun control events held last month. Gun owners are being encouraged to attend via social media. A full schedule of events may ... Read More »

Exclusive: Lever-Action PW87 Shotgun From Century Arms…

Is A Throwback To Wild Times By Dave Workman Skip right past “The Terminator” and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s use of a lever-action shotgun while riding a motorcycle, and head farther back into history when Old West lawmen and buckaroos occasionally needed some firepower they just couldn’t get from a sixgun or a double-barrel shotgun. Century Arms today offers a replica of ... Read More »

DeSantis Holster Pro Stealth

Designed to accommodate the S&W M&P Shield M2.0 with integrated Crimson Trace laser, the Pro Stealth is an ambidextrous IWB holster made from high-tech ballistic nylon. The specially designed spring clip anchors the Pro Stealth to a belt and can be removed and re-fitted for left- or right-hand carry. The magazine pouch is a standard feature for auto loader models, ... Read More »

Sun Optics CQB Scope

Sun Optics USA, exclusive North American importer of Vixen Performance Optics, introduces the Desert Brown 1-6X24 CQB scope. The compact, 30mm one-piece tube design with 1/4 MOA low profile, fingertip adjustable turrets with return to zero capabilities delivers optimal performance no matter the conditions. Zero+ reticle design with IR microdot makes target acquisition quick and precise. Sun Optics USA (817) ... Read More »

Rio Ammunition Royal Pheasant

Rio Royal Pheasant shot shells are Rio Ammunition’s newest offering. Sure-fire primers ignite clean and powerful powder mixtures to propel heavy payloads of copper plated shot in sizes 4, 5 and 6 downrange at speeds up to 1400 fps. Rio Royal Pheasant cartridges are currently available in 12-, 20-, 28- and 40-gauge options in 2.75-inch length. Rio Ammunition (214) Read More »

Breakthrough Clean Channel Cleaning Tool

The Channel Cleaning Tool is designed to provide a simple and effective way to clean the many recesses and cuts inherent to firearm design. It works on any type of firearm. The flat tips and square edges reach into edges and corners typically missed using other cleaning implements. The Channel Cleaning Tool is non-marring and will not scratch or damage ... Read More »

The Right Arm Of The Free World

The 7.62×51 FAL Served With 90 Countries. Now, DS Arms Offers Both 20th And 21st Century Versions Of This Cold War Veteran By Jeff John No other battle rifle better blends the warm Old World feel of wood with the cold, businesslike look of the modern black rifle as well as Fabrique Nationale’s Fusil Automatique Léger. The graceful lines give ... Read More »

Are You In The ‘Top Five’ States For Gun Ownership?

By Dave Workman Buried in the statistics resulting from a recent bit of snooping on the economic impact of the gun industry on individual states is an interesting revelation of the Top Five and the Bottom Five states in terms of gun ownership. Are you ready? If you live in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, West Virginia and Wyoming, if you’re not ... Read More »

NG2 Defense MZLMAX Advanced Flow Dynamics)/Vent Forward Design (AFD/VFD) Muzzle Manager: Revolutionary Rifle Muzzle Device Maximizes Blast Mitagation and Recoil Reduction! (Video!)

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com April 14, 2018 As if full-auto-rated zero-back-pressure suppressors (silencers/sound suppressors) aren’t enough, Ernie Bray and the NG2 Defense (NEXGEN2 Defense) gang have also designed and developed “the first truly effective Multi-Dimensional Muzzle Device” called the MZLMAX AFD Muzzle Manager. Interesting…and catchy. Just like the NG2 cans (suppressors), … Read More »

Carbon Tactics Ti Slice

Carbon Tactics is a crowdfunding veteran at this point. They have already successfully funded 9 projects including a number of belts. Their latest project, their tenth, is a slick EDC utility knife called the Ti Slice. The Ti Slice is a compact utility knife that is made from premium materials and with a smart, minimalist […] Read More »

MagPump 9mm Pistol Loader Now Shipping

Thumbs everywhere can rejoice now that the MagPump 9mm Luger magazine loader is shipping to retailers to complement their AK47 and AR-15 loaders. MagPump teased the 9mm version at SHOT Show 2018 in their NEXT booth and generated a reasonable amount of buzz. The new loader is available in either a standard version made from polymer or you can step it up to… ... Read More »

Corps Strength – Motivation 101

One of the most common questions I get about working out, not only from readers of my book and students, but from friends and family is; How do you maintain the motivation to PT all the time? Well, there are several things that impact that and I’ll admit, not all point to perfect mental health […] Read More »

SILENCER SATURDAY #15: Putting Money In The Meter

Hello everyone. Thanks for dropping in to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where all the ammunition on the shelf is subsonic. Today we have a bit of a potpourri of NFA bliss. First, we will talk briefly about how suppressors are evaluated using a scientific lab-quality decibel (dB) meter and other equipment. Then we visit the team […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TTAG Reader’s Comments to ATF on Proposed Bump Fire Stock Regulation

As we reported earlier, the rule making comment period for the ATF’s proposed re-regulation of bump fire stocks is open. That means if you want to toss in your two cents as to why you think that the already-deemed-legal accessories shouldn’t be arbitrarily re-classified and regulated like machine guns, you have the opportunity to do […] The post TTAG Reader’s ... Read More »

Hands on with the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five

At a recent media event hosted by High Speed Gear and SIG SAUER, I had the chance to spend some quality time with the new SIG P320 X-Five SIG’s new five-inch competition gun featuring the improved X-Five trigger. I didn’t have enough time with the pistol do give it a full review so this mini review […] The post Hands on ... Read More »

The Death of Satire – Quote of the Day

“As a friend put it to me, ‘You can’t parody this anymore. If I said next on the list will be a ban on rope to prevent suicides and strangulation, they would take it up.’ But only after we finally defeat the National Cutlery Association and purge our politics of the corrupting influence of the […] The post The Death ... Read More »

VICE On Crisis Actors, Hoaxes, and Gun Control

This is always interesting: Reminds me of all the Alex Jones rants about this sort of thing.  I watched a few of them, and there was definite confirmation bias so I lost interest.  On a related note, is Alex Jones still around and ranting? (nm I guess he is… he appears at 10min in this video).   Seems like he entirely ... Read More »

TRACT Optics Announces Free Custom Turret Promotion with Riflescope Purchase

HUMMELSTOWN, Penn. – April 12, 2018 – TRACT Optics has announced a custom turret promotion from now until Thursday, April 19, 2018. Customers will receive a free custom engraved turret (a $100 value) with the purchase of any T-Plex riflescope, including TORIC, TURION and 22 FIREriflescope models. “Every TRACT riflescope features the ability to add […] Read More »

BRAKING: VG6 Releases The Epsilon 762 Muzzle Device

See what I did there? I’ll be here all week folks, please try the veal. VG6 has just announced the release of the 7.62 version of their popular EPSILON muzzle device. Described as a hybrid muzzle attachment, the EPSILON provides both flash hiding and muzzle brake capabilities for .308 caliber rifles. Additional details, links, and […] Read More … The ... Read More »

BRACE YOURSELF: Q Honey Badger Pistol With Brace

Since its humble beginnings as a garage workshop invention, the pistol stabilizing brace (PSB) has gone through a few generations worth of changes, upgrades and advancements. Some iterations were strictly functional, focusing on comfort over aesthetics. However, recent models have evolved into braces that are nearly indistinguishable from their stock counterparts. Collaborating with SB Tactical, […] Read More … The ... Read More »

AUTOMAG Pistol Design Improvements: The Magazines

During SHOT Show 2018 we reported about the AutoMag Company and the pistol being revived. The company not only recreates the pistol but also makes some design changes that will eventually result in the more reliable latest iteration of the Automag pistol. They started publishing the progress of design changes on their website. In this article, […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: Making Them Live By Their Own Rules, British Locks, Stocks and Barrels, and The Marines’ Next Rifle

Lonegan wants Menendez charged for holding a rifle during press conference Alinsky’s Rule No. 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules . . . Republican congressional candidate Steve Lonegan said Friday he plans to seek criminal charges against Sen. Bob Menendez for briefly holding a display gun at a press conference […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

Anti-Gunners’ Full Court Press

By Joseph P. Tartaro | Executive Editor The battle to ban an entire class of firearms in the United States—exemplified by the AR-15 and other so-called “assault weapons” —has been going on for more than 30 years, as part of a general anti-gun campaign to erase the Second Amendment from the US Constitution. Actually, the […] The post Anti-Gunners’ Full ... Read More »

DEFEXPO 2018 – Photo Highlights (Part I)

Following are our first photographic impressions from DEFEXPO 2018 that was held south of Chennai, in South India this week. Follow-up reports will highlight specific areas including combat aircraft and weapons, unmanned systems, armor and artillery. Read More »

VG6 Precision EPSILON 762

VG6 Precision is proud to announce the launch of the new EPSILON 762 muzzle device. Compatible with most common .30 caliber chambered rifles, this hybrid device features both recoil compensation and flash signature mitigation in one package. With a continued focus on improved recoil control, the EPSILON 762 features a new enhanced chamber design that […] Read More »

Vertx Guardian and Assessor Shirts Offer Concealed Carry Comfort

Vertx has added two new shirts to its VaporCore line, the Guardian and the Assessor. These shirts offer a new level of comfort to concealed carriers with the new WeaponGuard feature built in. What does that mean for the guy putting the shirt on in the morning? In the most basic of terms, the shirt has an undershirt built right in…. ... Read More »

Just in Time for Friday the 13th, Our New ITS Skully Club PVC Morale Patch is Here!

Everyone needs a club and the ITS Skully Club PVC Morale Patch is our homage to the coolest fiend club on the planet. With its coffin-shaped design and ITS Reaper Skull, this patch can serve as a reminder of our mortality; Memento Mori. ITS Skully Club PVC Morale Patch These PVC morale patches measure 3.5” tall x 1.5” wide and feature glow-in-the-dark highlights. ... Read More »

Beef Bomb – Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 99

Episode 100 of Ridiculous Dialogue is closer than ever and in proper fashion, we can’t help but mention it this week. Another hot topic this week was Ready Player One and its surprising lack of ending Easter eggs. Kelly complained about her lunch’s dry meat caused by a microwave beef bomb and the crew then delved into the proper timing ... Read More »

The Berlin Strike, Attleboro Knives First folding knife

Sandpoint, Idaho, March 22, 2018 Attleboro Knives’ newest offering and their first folding knife, the Berlin Strike.  The occupied city of Berlin was the focal point, the symbol for the defense of freedom during the prolonged Cold War with the former Soviet Union.  In that city, where the major western powers met each other on […] Read More »