Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gunner’s Fact Or Fiction: Semi Vs Full Auto

There is a series of short videos made by the Marine’s. CW05 Gunner Wade covers topics pertinent to Marines. In this video he covers the simple decision to use semi auto fire versus full auto fire. They use an HKM27 for this demonstration. I was surprised to see Cpl. Tredo not using the pad of […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: Divorcees, Liars, Thieves and Fudds

Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it! Don’t ask me how I know . . . Soooo, and go figure, it’s time to have a sale !! LaRue barrels, triggers, polymers, our ultra-nice Stealth 2.0 chassis, apparel, etc. This is your chance to get all your Ultra-Precision Christmas shopping done at a savings. […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

This Turkey Hunting Joke is Pluckin’ Funny

Turning down a shot at a turkey takes a lot, and this hunter proves it. We guarantee you’ll be telling your turkey hunting buddies this one the first time you get together this season. Share the video with someone who’d get a kick out of it! The post This Turkey Hunting Joke is Pluckin’ Funny appeared first on The Truth ... Read More »

TTAG Doesn’t Blacklist 2A Antagonistic Companies: Housekeeping

More than a few members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia took exception to our post Springfield Adds Two New .45 ACP Model XD-E Hammer-Fired Pistols. Commentator Robert spoke for many when he wrote . . . You can give up trying to push Springfield crap at us. They are a POS company and will always be a POS company. […] The post TTAG Doesn’t ... Read More »

Vestpak Bulletproof Backpack

Campus carry is noting but a dream in most institutions of higher learning. Not to mention elementary and secondary schools, too. Wheat’s a student to do if the worst happens? Short of changes to state law or school board policies, some schools have begun selling bulletproof backpacks to their young skulls full of mush. Check […] The post Vestpak Bulletproof ... Read More »

Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed M-Series Grip MonoPOD

Early this fall we reviewed the new M-Series Grip System from MagnetoSpeed, but the MonoPOD wasn’t yet ready. Just in time for the holidays, MonoPOD grip inserts are now shipping. Naturally, TTAG took one for a test drive. If you haven’t yet read that M-Series Grip System review, here’s the Tweet-length version: it’s an AR-15 […] The post Gear Review: ... Read More »

New from Noveske: Ghetto Blaster

Noveske announced this morning a new lightweight AR platform chambered in either 5.56 NATO or 300 AAC Blackout dubbed the “Ghetto Blaster.” The general design for the rifle is strikingly similar to the Honey Badger from Kevin Brittingham’s new firearms company Q, which is a refined version of the AAC Honey Badger (AAC was owned […] The post New from ... Read More »

UF PRO Striker XT Gen 2 Now Available in Navy Blue

Brought to you in part today by PROOF Research: Carbon Fiber Perfected. UF PRO Striker XT Gen 2 Now Available in Navy BlueNews Desk The folks at UF Pro have expanded their Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants and Shirt color options to now include Navy Blue. Striker combat pants feature: Functional 13 pocket configuration (not counting the inner compartments) Striker XT knee ... Read More »

Millennials Offering Strongest Resistance to ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Younger Americans are resisting the call to ban ‘Assault Weapons’ more than older Americans. The last ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban ended in 2004, before most millennials could even vote. Via The Guardian: Resistance to a ban on military-style assault weapons is strongest among millennials, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released this week. It’s a finding that experts […] Read More »

Gun Review: Remington 870 Tac-14

The new Remington 870 Tac-14 works around NFA regulations and offers a potent defensive option for home defense or as a truck gun — or for just plain fun. The post Gun Review: Remington 870 Tac-14 appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

Concealed Carry And Traveling Armed

Given the lack of national reciprocity, armed citizens must be aware of other states’ concealed carry laws if they travel. Ignorance to other states’ firearms laws when traveling can set you on a course for serious trouble. The post Concealed Carry And Traveling Armed appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

Bargain or Just Cheap? – Kershaw CQC-6K and E-Train

Welcome to Bargain or Just Cheap? This series reviews budget friendly knives for a variety of uses in a short format. All of the knives will cost less than $50 (in most cases, much less) and will be purchased out of my own pocket. I’ll buy them, carry them, and use them in an attempt […] Read More »

CDM Wave Safeties Compared

CDM Gear has rolled out a new version of their Wave Safety for Mossberg shotguns. The new Wave BT (Boat Tail) is similar in length but narrower than the original Wave. The idea behind these safeties is to make the safety easier to operate without adjusting your firing hand grip by extending the switch rearward. […] Read More »

RECOILtv Gun Room Video: Skeli X11

RECOILtv Gun Room (s02e3): Skeli X11 Soon to be featured in the latest issue of RECOIL, the X11. This design incorporates elements from America’s favorite rifle, while seeking to address some of its drawbacks. Housed inside an extruded aluminum upper receiver lies a shortstroke piston acting on a bolt carrier, which rides on twin guide rods. In order to allow… ... Read More »

Atibal Releases sub-$500 1-6x FFP Optic

As low-power variable optics (LPVO) become more popular–we’re going to see more options. In recent years we’ve seen them span the whole scale in both price and feature sets. Earlier this year we reviewed their beer-money-budget 1-8x Atibal XP8. Freshly announced from Atibal is the XP6 Mirage, a front focal plane (FFP) variable optic under $500. And not just a… ... Read More »

KC-390 touches down in Florida ahead of tests | E-6B Mercury to get comms upgrade | Philippines arms MPACs with Spike missiles

Americas Rockwell Collins has been awarded a $12.7 million contract modification to carry out upgrade work on the communication systems of US Navy E-6B Mercury aircraft. Under the award, the Navy will exercise an option for the installation of Block I/Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion Phase 3/Block IA Very Low Transmit Terminal/Nuclear Planning and Execution System kit on one E-6B aircraft. ... Read More »

The USA’s E-6 Fleet: Take Charge, And Move Out!

E-6B TACAMO (click to view full) The USA’s E-6 Mercury (aka. TACAMO, as in TAke Charge And Move Out) “survivable airborne communication system” airplanes support their Navy’s SSBN ballistic missile submarine force and overall strategic forces. With the advent of the new “Tactical Trident” converted Ohio Class special operations subs, their unique capabilities become even more useful. The E-6B version ... Read More »

Comp-Tac Debuts Shooting Clothing

Famous for its fast-draw hybrid Kydex holsters, Comp-Tac Victory Gear is combining holster speed with comfortable, durable concealed carry-friendly clothing that helps you start your draw faster, too. Read More »


In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, The Fishing Wire will not publish on Nov. 23 and 24. Releases received on Wednesday, Nov. 22 will appear on Monday, Nov. 27. Read More »

SureFire 500 Lumen EDCL1

SureFire, LLC announced the Everyday Carry Light 1, an upgraded version of the popular EB1 Backup. Its high-output LED delivers 500 lumens of light on just a single 123A battery. Read More »

TROY Exhibits at Milipol Paris

TROY will be showcasing their weapons, small arms components and accessories at Milipol Paris, Hall 6, Aisle M, Booth #168 through Friday, November 24th at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Read More »

KRG To Launch Bravo Precision Rifle Chassis On Black Friday

Kinetic Research Group will introduce their latest precision rifle chassis, the Bravo, on Black Friday. They’ve been working hard to bring you a lightweight, ergonomic, and feature-rich chassis at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. The Bravo sports a very attractive list of features usually only found on chassis costing much more: -Inlets available for […] Read More »

Milipol 17 – EMD / S&S Precision

Bretagne-based EMD has an awesome booth which showcases the products of their various vendors. Above you can see a manakin set up as a K9 handler wearing kit from a variety of manufacturers including S&S Precision. While the booth is awesome, something S&S Precision is exhibiting in it is very interesting. They have new handwear […] Read More »

TYR Tactical Tuesday – Black Friday

The TYR Tactical® Black Friday Sale is going on now. Free Giveaways, Doorbusters, CLOSEOUT Prices & So Much More! What you’re looking for not on sale? Take 17% off your retail purchase with coupon code: BLKFRIDAY. Offer ends 12.01.17. Read More »

Milipol 17 – H&K 416F

Earlier this year, the French Army selected the 5.56mm Heckler & Koch 416 to replace the FAMAS, issued since the 1970s. Offered in Standard (14.5” barrel) and Carbine (11” barrel) models, the HK416 F features the latest ambidextrous controls. However, there are also a few differences on the French version.  First, the barrel allows the […] Read More »

Gun Review: The KRISS Vector Gen II SBR in .45 ACP

“The KRISS Vector SBR proved accurate and durable during testing at the Echo Valley Training Center, with nearly 700 rounds fired over multiple range visits. The Vector definitely delivers on KRISS’ promises of reduced recoil and muzzle climb.” Several testers were struck by how easy it was to shoot while moving with the KRISS Vector thanks to its innovative action. ... Read More »

WATCH: Off-Duty Brazilian Cop Shoots Thieves While Holding Baby

An off-duty Brazilian cop unloaded on a pair of armed robbers while simultaneously holding his baby with one arm, a wild moment that was captured on CCTV. Watch the footage above. RELATED STORY: GRAPHIC VIDEO – Man Attacks Salt Lake City Cop with Baton, Is Killed British publication The Independent says the Brazilian cop, Sgt. Rafael Souza of the 49th Metropolitan ... Read More »

Unloading Aguila Minishells with the Mossberg Shockwave, Kel-Tec KSG

More capacity, less recoil — sounds like the perfection combination for a shotgun load and that’s exactly what you get with the Aguila Minishells. At 1.75 inches, it’s tough to find a more versatile shotgun round. We got our hands on the Minishells at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo. Watch the video above to see them in action. RELATED STORY: Aguila Ammunition ... Read More »

Bushnell Launches the New Elite Tactical XRS II Riflescope

Photo by Bushnell Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30×50, G3 Photo by Bushnell Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30×50, G3, FDE Photo by Bushnell Bushnell XRS II XRS II 4.5-30×50, H59 Photo by Bushnell Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30×50, Ill G3 Bushnell has launched its new line of Elite Tactical XRS II riflescopes. RELATED STORY: 12 Long-Range Shooting Tips from Gunsite’s Cory Trapp Offering—according to ... Read More »

Tossed Bullet Into A Glock: Real Or Fake?

@Truthcanbebought posted this video on his instagram page. I find it hard to believe this worked. I can see how one can toss a bullet and the shooter catches it into the ejection port of the Glock. However for the bullet to not bounce out and lay down so that it can be chambered? Mind […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Early Taurus SMGs: the Beretta heritage

My previous ( mention of some submachine guns and pistol-caliber carbines that have emerged from Forjas Taurus in recent years generated a number of requests to elaborate more on the subject. Here it goes: The “Bull-logo” company, a long-time manufacturer of revolvers since 1939 at its facilities in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, […] Read More … The ... Read More »

GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a SOG SEAL Kit!

In our last giveaway, David L. won a $500 Freedom Munitions gift ammocard and SOG Seraphim 35 backpack. This time around TFB has teamed up with SOG to giveaway a SOG-SEAL setup. The giveaway will run until December 1st 2017. Giveaway Package: Seal Pup Elite knife Trident Elite knife Trident Mini knife Power Assist multi […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Warren Tactical Glock Grip Sleeve

According to Paul G, this grip sleeve was developed by a recently retired HRT officer. Paul also claims that HRT officers are rocking these on their duty Glocks. Here is a video by Paul G that explains how the Grip Sleeve is designed to work and address some concerns some have raised about the device. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

[Milipol 2017] FN Herstal unveils FN 509 Pistol for Security Forces

Last week we had “FN Friday” with the new FN SCAR Subcompact Carbine. FN Herstal are using the Milipol 2017 exhibition to release another Portable Firearm, this time a pistol with focus on Security Forces. The FN 509 was launched in the US during Q2 2017, and Milipol is used to launch it internationally. Update: […] Read More … The ... Read More »

[Milipol 2017] FN Herstal has SCAR-SC with 300 BLK in development

A few days ago The Firearm Blog told you about the new FN Herstal SCAR-SC, a Subcompact Carbine with a 7,5″ barrel chambered in 5,56 NATO. I wrote that this is FN Herstal’s “Honey Badger“, except in a different caliber. Well, guess what, FN Herstal has got the 300 Blackout in development. The real thing […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Homemade Semi-Auto P.A Luty Machine Pistol (LOTS OF PHOTOS)

Mike over at Mike’s Custom Weaponry has sent in photos of his latest project in the final stages of completion which happens to be a semi-auto version of the Machine Pistol from P.A Luty’s book Expedient Homemade Firearms Vol 2. The original design is of course fully automatic but with a few changes, namely an […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TFB Review: Faxon Firearms Glock Match Series Threaded Barrel

There is an ever-growing abundance of Glock after-market parts available for consumers. The Glock pistol, whether you love it or hate it, is embraced by the entire world in varying capacities. It is the Lego set of pistols. The tinker toy of handguns. Like an AR-15, they are interchangeable and endlessly customizable. With so many […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Devastating 5.56 Rifle On Body Armor And Bucket Of Water

Modern Man posted this video showing how devastating a 5.56 Rifle can be on a piece of armor held up by a bucket of water. I had no idea that a 5.56 Rifle could be used in such a manner. Im guessing that projectile is about 42,000 gr. Not sure about the muzzle velocity but […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Kimber’s Red Dot Ready & Equipped Pistols

Kimber Mfg., Inc. announced a number of new red dot optics pistols. These include handguns in the KHX line and pistols in the Aegis Elite line. KHX Line Kimber released several new KHX pistols that are considered “optics ready.” Each has a cut in the slide for the addition of a red dot style sight. Mounting […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Trump: Trophy Hunting Is A “Horror Show” That Doesn’t Help Conservation

Following the highly publicized accidental killing of a lion some years ago the Obama administration put a ban on the importation of animal trophies, in an attempt to discourage African trophy hunters. A few days ago, President Trump seemed poised to reverse an Obama era ban on the importation of big game trophies. Now it looks […] The post Trump: Trophy ... Read More »

Question of the Day: 43 Machine Guns. Pick Three!

In the video below, Washington County Machine Guns of Southwest Pennsylvania fire its entire inventory of 43 rental machine guns and pistols. Which begs the question: if you could have one, which one? Which is a stupid question, really. So the real question is: if you could have any three, which three? For me it’s […] The post Question of ... Read More »

6 AK-47 Rifles Under $800

There are a few great debates among hoplophiles that will never be resolved. GLOCK vs. 1911, .45 ACP vs 9mm, AR vs. AK. If you’re one of the legion who answer AK in the great rifle platform face-off, you’re in good company. While Mikhail Kalashnikov’s design may not offer the modularity that Eugene Stoner’s gun […] The post 6 AK-47 ... Read More »

Fostech Origin 12: Modern-Day American Saiga? [VIDEO]

“There is a lot of appeal in a Saiga shotgun,” Mike Searsen writes over at And yet . . .”The factory versions with their sporting style stock and diminished capacity magazines leave much to be desired. Some individuals and a few companies have made conversions to these shotguns. Yet the reliability of them is […] The post Fostech Origin ... Read More »

Quote of the Day: Second Amendment Absolutist Abracadabra!

“I think that there is this idea that the Second Amendment is an absolutist text and that if you quote those words those are the most magical words that open up all the doors to whatever weapons you want and however you want to carry them and I simply think that’s not true because Supreme […] The post Quote of ... Read More »

Home Defense Weapons: Ruger LCR .38 Special

When dressed appropriately and carried in a slim holster, the Ruger LCR can qualify for duty as a pocket pistol. I admit it: There are quite a lot of firearms in our house. Never mind exactly how many. Most of them live in gun safes. I’ll admit this, too: After a disastrous burglary of our house nearly 30 years ago, ... Read More »

Ankle Biters: Using Ankle Holsters

Run, run, run…hop, hop, hop—run, run, run…hop, hop, hop. That was my cadence chasing a suspect through a backyard. I was hopping on one foot while attempting to pull my ankle holster containing a Chief’s Special on my ankle. It was either that or, like so many cops back in the day, searching with a flashlight trying to find my ... Read More »

TAR-21: Israel’s Tavor Spreads Its Wings

The Micro Tavor makes an already short rifle into an effective PDW. When I heard that Israel was going to be fielding a new rifle to replace its M4s and M16s, my first reaction was, “What’s wrong with our rifle? Israel buys all of its military equipment from the United States,” I thought. The truth is, Israel buys much of ... Read More »