Thursday, February 22, 2018

FBI Statement on the Florida School Shooting

The FBI released a statement regarding the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Amid demands for infringement, the FBI admitted receiving a tip January 5 on the FBI Public Access Line that should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office. It was not.   Read More »

Buckeye Firearms: Gun Community Addresses Violence

  While gun control activists call for more legislation against gun rights for law abiding citizens, the firearms community addresses the issue with action. Buckeye Firearms Association has various programs to directly address violence in schools, reduce suicides, promote gun safety, and support enforcement of gun laws.    Read More »

Nighttime Hog Hunting on GunVenture

This week on GunVenture, host Ryan Gresham heads to the Florida panhandle for an Intercoastal Safari adventure. He’ll try his hand at shark fishing, hunting the predators of the deep. Then, it’s a night hog hunt.   Read More »

DeSantis Holsters for FN 509

DeSantis Gunhide announced availability of seven holsters fitted for the FN 509 pistol. These include the Speed Scabbard, the Thumb Break Scabbard and the Insider.   Read More »

Viridian Expands FACT WMC Program

Viridian Weapon Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Kevin Skalicky as National Sales Manager. Skalicky will oversee the implementation of the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera with law enforcement agencies and manage strategic accounts in the United States.    Read More »

Savage 110 Engage Hunter XP

Savage is pleased to offer hunters and other serious shooters a new field-ready rifle-and-optics package that combines the company’s proven Model 110 platform with a factory-mounted, bore-sighted Bushnell Engage scope.    Read More »

Viridian Weapon-Mounted Accessories for Glock 19X

Viridian Weapon Technologies offers a variety of weapon-mounted accessories for the new Glock 19X crossover pistol. The Glock 19X is compatible with the Viridian E Series, universal C Series and X Series, and REACTOR product line.     Read More »

CCRKBA: Don?t Penalize Gun Owners for Government Foul-Ups

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says “the bombshell admission by the FBI that it was tipped about the suspect in last Wednesday’s tragic school shooting, and yet did nothing, provides damning evidence that it is the government that should be blamed, not American gun owners.” Read More »

Vickers Guide Offering Custom Prints

In the past, prints of the firearms featured in the Vickers Guides were only available as incentives for certain grades of books. Now, for a limited time at least, you can custom order a print of any firearm featured in a Vickers Guide volume. Each print will be produced with the same professional quality and […] Read More »

Sneak Peek – Armorer’s Kit from Pro Shot Defense

Yesterday, I had a chance to check out Pro Shot Defense’s new Armorer’s Kit. It is housed in a wheeled, hard case. Although the component list isn’t finalized yet, it includes a variety of tools to maintain small arms such as pistols and M4 carbines, including receiver blocks and armored wrenches as well as cleaning […] Read More »

TYR Tactical Tuesday – GTOA Conference

TYR Tactical® is proud to announce its participation in the 14th Annual GTOA Conference. Get hands-on with the latest TYR Tactical®, Huron™ and Revere K9™ designs. Following our mantra, Innovate or Die®, these products continue our mission of pushing the standards of today’s tactical equipment, defining modularity and scalability and are custom made for you, […] Read More »

Proposed Changes To Service Animal Accommodation

The United States Department of Justice is reconsidering significant portions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. One of the provisions involves reasonable accommodation when the disabled person (and/or their service dog) presents a “direct threat” to those around them. In the past, reasonable accommodation could be dispensed with if the individual was afflicted with a […] Read More »

New From Savage Arms: 110 Engage Hunter XP Rifle

Savage Arms has unleashed a ton of new products thus far in 2018 including the 110 Engage Hunter XP rifle. Designed for hunters and other serious shooters, the rifle is ready to rock right out of the box. It combines the company’s Model 110 platform with a factory-mounted, bore-sighted Bushnell Engage riflescope. RELATED STORY Gun Review: The Savage Model 10 GRS Rifle in 6.5 ... Read More »

Revamping the Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun with a Few DIY Upgrades

The advantages of being able to fire multiple projectiles simultaneously have been well established. In terms of firearms, even the earliest examples included cannons and blunderbusses loaded with multiple projectiles to beat back attacking soldiers, defend against highwaymen and board enemy ships. And different objectives could be achieved by varying the size of the projectiles. Very small and lightweight projectiles ... Read More »

Speer Wins Contract to Supply French National Police With 9mm Ammo

Speer has won a contract to supply the French National Police with its 124-grain, 9mm Luger Gold Dot Duty ammunition. The contract is for an undisclosed amount, and the press release describes it as a “long-term” deal. RELATED STORY Ammo Spectrum: 13 of the Newest and Best AR Cartridges The news comes just two months after Speer announced it had been awarded ... Read More »

Night Vision Buyer’s Guide: Helmets and Aiming Lasers

Helmets To get the most out of your night vision, you need to be able to use it hands-free. Often this is done by mounting to a helmet. Common brands of helmets include Ops Core, M Tech, Team Wendy, Crye, as well as many others. On the budget end, you can purchase a nice bump helmet […] Read More … The ... Read More »

US Army Wants Powder Metal Gun Barrels

Last Thursday, we discussed the US Army’s solicitation for combustible cartridge cases. Today, we’ll take a look at another interesting solicitation published in the same US government program called SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). This time the Army is looking for powder metal small arms barrels. The idea behind this request is to have a bi-metal […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Wojtek Weaponry Gas Block Assembling Tray

Wojtek Weaponry is a firearm accessories manufacturing company located in San Diego, California. They have recently added to their product line a rather simple and useful fixture – a 3D printed tray for AR-15 gas blocks which makes assembly and disassembly of the gas tube a much easier process. The Wojtek Weaponry gas block assembling tray aligns […] Read More … The ... Read More »

TorkMag’s New 1911-Block .45ACP AR-15 Mag Well Adapter

TorkMag had a new product on display at the 2018 SHOT Show but not much info was available to us then, well they’ve finally released details on their Facebook page. They’re calling it the 1911-Block .45ACP Magwell Adapter and as the name implies it’s a conversion kit that allows you to use .45ACP 1911 magazines […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Hands on with the Polish ZMT Tor Bullpup Anti-Material Rifle

Along with our visit to Battlefield Las Vegas where we were able to fire ZMT’s UKM 2000 general purpose machine gun, TFB was also able to get close and personal with the companies anti-material rifle entry. The Tor is a .50 BMG manually operated, magazine fed (bullpup configuration), anti-material rifle that was just recently approved […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Review: Archon Mfg Glock Compensator

Having compensators on pistols is not exactly new. Competitors have been porting pistols for a very long time. Go look at any open division pistol in USPSA or IPSC. However, since the Roland Special came out, we have seen an increasing trend in compensators for Glocks. This has led to companies like Archon Mfg to […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Reports of Hunting’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated. Well, A Bit . . .

Living in Texas where “camo is the new black” I was blissfully ignorant to hunting’s decline. According to The Tribune Papers hunting may one day become a thing of the past, as Don Mallicoat reports . . . Oh woe is us. The path to oblivion. By many indicators the future of hunting in the […] The post Reports of ... Read More »

Will You Let Your Child Off School on March 14? Question of the Day

If there’s anything different about the post-Parkland call for gun control, it’s the very public lobbying efforts of teenage students who survived the massacre. Gun control advocates have placed the kids’ angry condemnation of pro gun rights politicians front and center in the media’s thinly veiled (if at all) support for civilian disarmament. The teen-flavored […] The post Will You ... Read More »

Alabama, Florida, North Carolina Look to Arm Teachers After Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Alabama – Rep. Will Ainsworth of Guntersville, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is lobbying for arming [willing] teachers in the state’s public school system. “Our children are sitting ducks in gun-free schools, and as the parent of three public school students,” Ainsworth said in a press release, “I believe we must act now in order to prevent another […] The post Alabama, Florida, ... Read More »

10mm Auto vs. 357 Magnum [VIDEO]

USA – -( The 10mm Auto, sometimes referred to as the “357 of the Auto Pistol World”, has experienced a resurgence of late. Since its development in the 1980s, the 10mm found sudden popularity only to stagnate and shrink, but now the 10 is back with more pistols and ammunition than ever before. With that increased popularity comes truths […] The post 10mm Auto ... Read More »

Google Search: Trending Questions on “Gun Control” Answered!

“The devastating deaths of 17 Florida high school at the hands of a troubled teen armed with an AR-15-style rifle have brought the ever-simmering debate over gun control to a boil not seen since Sandy Hook,” pronounces with not-so-carefully-concealed glee. “Across the country . . . people are wondering what can be done to prevent mass […] The post Google Search: ... Read More »

Great Landing, Wrong Airport: Quote of the Day

“The US limits our allergy medicine, fertilizer, and what days we can buy alcohol. We have to take our shoes off because one terrorist one time made a shoe bomb. But, there are multiple mass shootings and the US does nothing?” – Liz Weekly [via] The post Great Landing, Wrong Airport: Quote of the Day appeared first on The ... Read More »


SPARTANAT: Tardigrade Tactical, you are from Denmark. What do you specialize in? We specialize in designing and developing equipment for military and law enforcement end-users. – Equipment that cuts down on bulk, weight and comprises and integrates functionality in each design. We work hard to fit all functions into one layer rather than to do […] Read More »

SSD Service Outage Announcement

Last week, we were supposed to upgrade our server but found out at the last minute that the upgrade had been delayed until this evening. SSD will be down for a few hours this evening, but should be back to normal operation by tomorrow AM. Read More »

Star Wars – Custom Made Wood Millennium Falcon

Made by Etsy store lovemycustomwood, this Millennium Falcon model comes in at 32 1/2″ x 21 1/2″, and is carved from solid white cedar. The shop also offers other Star Wars themed pieces, including a smaller Falcon at half the price, various SW helmets, and an AT-AT and TIE Fighter. Read More »

BREAKING: Optics Planet Has Magazine Sales Restrictions? Try Looking Deeper…

Earlier today, news began to trickle through online forums and social media platforms that retail giant Optics Planet had stopped selling magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. With the internet being, well, the internet, we decided to have a look for ourselves. A cursory search of Optics Planet’s site revealed a couple of noteworthy concerns: […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Review: Unique AR’s Self Adjusting Unique Grip

After posting up the article about the Unique AR’s self-adjusting grip, Unique AR reached out and asked if I wanted to review their Unique Grip. I was intrigued by this grip and wanted to see what it could do. Unique Grip Modularity As advertised the grip does adjust to your hand. You just loosen the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

São Paulo Military Police Glock G22 Gen5 initial test setback

Following the recent arrival in Brazil of test samples of the .40 S&W Glock Gen5 pistol that emerged as the winner of a competition to supply 5,000 units to PMESP – Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo State Military Police), it has been disclosed that the very initial testing process, carried out […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Ruger 9mm PCC

The new Ruger 9mm PCC has generated a great deal of interest. People have been asking for a gun like this for years and Ruger listened. It is packed with features requested by shooters. A very special thanks to BROWNELL’S – check out their new Retro line here: Many THANKS to: Proxibid: Shop For […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Winchester Super Suppressed Ammunition

Winchester’s new line of ammo is expressly designed for use in silencers. It uses subsonic projectiles and is designed to leave less carbon and lead residue in your silencer. A very special thanks to BROWNELL’S – check out their new Retro line here: Many THANKS to: Proxibid: Shop For Home Defense Pistols Online Here […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Senator Ted Cruz: TTAG Gun Hero of the Day

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not the most photogenic politician. But he could well be the most conservative. An adjective that certainly applies to his support for the Second Amendment. For standing up to Hollywood hypocrisy, for giving us a rallying cry while the NRA maintains its radio silence, Senator Cruz is our Gun Hero […] The post Senator Ted ... Read More »

TTAG Daily Digest: Full Force Anti-Firearms Freedom Firehose

Today’s Daily Digest is an embarrassment of riches — if you like to read about American citizens working to degrade and destroy your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. I haven’t seen this amount of anti-gun agitprop since Newtown. That’s despite the fact . . . that the FBI could […] The post TTAG Daily ... Read More »

OpticsPlanet Stops Sales of “High Capacity” Magazines – “Nothing To Do with Parkland Shooting”

We’ve received the above copy of an email sent to an OpticsPlanet customer. It informs the aspiring magazine buyer that the company will no longer sell ammunition magazines with greater than a 10-round capacity to the general public. We called OpticsPlanet . . . and confirmed this new policy with a customer service rep. An earlier […] The post OpticsPlanet Stops ... Read More »

New from Phoenix Weaponry: Integrally Suppressed 338-06 Rifle

I’ve got a integrally suppressed rifle wielding monkey on my back. If I wasn’t rushing around like a blue arsed fly (British expression), I’d have one by now. Because a rifle is not a porn penis; at some point too long is too long. An integrally suppressed rifle keeps both the noise and the muzzle […] The post New from ... Read More »

Hands-On With The Archon Type B [VIDEO]

Due to finally hit the U.S. market in mid-to-late spring of this year, the Archon Type B is the next evolution of the Arsenal Strike One. The unique action and design of these pistols remains highly appealing to me, and the Archon even addresses the trigger issues I had with the Strike One . . […] The post Hands-On With ... Read More »

Presidents’ Day Sale: Primary Arms ACSS-Equipped Trijicon TA44 ACOGs

My 2017 Christmas present? A Trijicon ACOG…but not just any ACOG. I’ve been a big fan of Primary Arms’ ACSS reticle for many years, as it combines extremely fast, intuitive target ranging with clear ballistic drop holdovers, and it was high time to get it in a high-end optic. The ACSS ACOGs are only available […] The post Presidents’ Day ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Parole Officer Knows When to Fold ‘Em

Tyson’s pocket dump contains not one, not two, but three folding weapons: a North American Arms pocket-clipped (not magazined) .22, a Benchmade 558 Doug Ritter Mini-Griptilian with AWT scales and a Shomer-Tec SHNK Covert Nickel Knife. A product name that’s awfully close to “shank” — a crude weapon not unfamiliar to the Georgia parole officer. If Tyson’s […] The post Everyday Carry ... Read More »