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Warrior West 18 – LBT-WTV (Weight Training Vest)

Looking to offer an alternative to working out in your armored plate carrier, LBT worked with the fitness community to develop a functional/stable weight vest capable of handling the stress of a high intensity workout. The weight vest can hold standard 5 or 10 lb circular plates that can be found at almost any gym/fitness […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Magazine/152 Pouch by Back Bay USA

Back Bay USA showed me their new Magazine Pouch for 2 30 RD M4 magazines which doubles duty as a carrier for the AN/PRC-152 radio. Manufactured from laser cut DSM material, it features an internal divider. The magazine divider lays flat at the rear of the pouch when used to carry a radio. Available soon […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Northern Star Fire Compass

Although it’s less than 1″ in diameter, the Northern Star Fire Compass will alert you to your directional heading no matter what orientation it’s in. You could be leaving my sideways and the compass’ lights will indicate one of eight cardinal directions via NEWS as well as color. It was originally designed to be affixed […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Bushnell XRS II

The XRS II is an update to Bushnell’s flagship optic. It incorporates ED Prime Glass to deliver colorful, high-contrast images in any light, with 4.5-30x zoom and wide 50mm objective lens to acquire targets well beyond 1,000 yards. Additionally, it features lock windage turret and an elevation turret featuring a RevLimiter Zero Stop that will […] Read More »

Hotel Artemis

It has a Continental from John Wick feel, but with more 3D printed guns, and former professional wrestlers turned actors. Hotel Artemis premiers in theaters June 8th, 2018. Read More »

An Interview with Tim Schmidt, US Concealed Carry Association Founder

The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Expo took place April 13-15, 2018 in Louisville, KY. While attending the Expo, TFB writer Rachel Y got to catch up with USCCA president and founder, Tim Schmidt. Rachel: Where did all of this start? Did you envision something like this (weekend) from USCCA’s inception? Tim: Oh, definitely not. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Bastion Gear GLOCK Magazine Disassembly and Pin Punch Combination Tool

Bastion Gear has introduced a Glock pistol tool which combines a pin punch with a magazine disassembly tool. The punch folds into the shaft of the tool making it a more compact package which would be easier to store. The magazine disassembly portion represents a bottle opener shaped hook with a built-in stud to engage the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Leica Tempus ASPH Red Dot Sight

Released in March 2018, the Tempus ASPH is the first red dot sight manufactured by Leica. The company also claims to be the first to use an aspherical lens in a red dot sight. Here is how they describe it: Leica is the first premium manufacturer to implement its red dot sight with asphere, guaranteeing […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Adjustable Backup Iron Sights

Ultradyne is a bit of a mystery to me. This company’s backup iron sights and muzzle brakes almost simultaneously appeared on Brownells and MidwayUSA websites, but I couldn’t find the website or any other signs of this company’s presence on the Internet. That’s quite unusual for a modern company, isn’t it? At any rate, let’s take […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Gun Snob Confessions: These Red Dot Sights Really Are Kinda Awesome

Many shooters — this one among them — harbor a certain level of gun snobbery. We see anything too modern, anything too “tacticool” as a method of separating a lot of fools from their money. As we know, a lot of people have been separated from their money in short order for a whole bunch […] The post Gun Snob ... Read More »

PA Sheriff Boycotts Companies That Cut Ties With the NRA

“A Western Pennsylvania sheriff has banned his department from conducting county sheriff business with any of the corporations that have cut ties with members of the National Rifle Association.” That means Sheriff Michael Slupe’s deputies won’t be renting cars from Enterprise, flying Delta, staying at a Wyndham Hotel, protecting their computers with Norton Antivirus or […] The post PA Sheriff ... Read More »

Obscure Object of Desire: The Soviet Stechkin

Developed in 1949, the Stechkin is a select-fire, straight blowback pistol in 9x18mm capable of firing 750 rounds per minute accurately out to a distance of 200 meters…or so it was claimed. Igor Stechkin, the inventor and namesake of the pistol, wasn’t a one-trick pony. In addition to this design, he created a variety of […] The post Obscure Object ... Read More »

Town Hall Meeting Derailed By Fierce Opposition to More Gun Control Laws

The article is titled, ‘Town hall meeting reveals fierce opposition to gun control.’ It describes a meeting at which 400 locals came to a meeting to discuss “gun violence” only to have the majority of the crowd loudly announce their opposition to the imposition of additional gun control laws. Oops. Was the meeting in Kalispell, […] The post Town Hall ... Read More »

Video: Springfield Armory Custom Shop Gems

There’s more to Springfield Armory than just off-the-shelf XD pistols. The gunmaker’s custom shop is more than capable of turning out an heirloom-quality firearm. The post Video: Springfield Armory Custom Shop Gems appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

M&P M2.0 Compact Series Goes Green

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today, it is now offering versions of the company’s M&P M2.0 Compact pistol with a pre-installed Crimson Trace Green Laserguard. The new M&P M2.0 Compact pistol packages are chambered in both 9mm and .40 S&W, and feature a bright green Crimson Trace laser sight.  “The M&P M2.0 Compact Series with Crimson Trace Green Laserguard combines ... Read More »


From Suarez International: BLACK MELONITE – $239.99 NP3 – $259.99 Our Supermatch Slides are manufactured for the gunfighter and is the most refined precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere. This slide is made for those who want the benefits of the Supermatch Slide, but do not run a red Trijicon […] Read More »

Tactical Athlete Games Teams Up with RECOIL

NO OFF SEASON RECOIL is thrilled to announce its partnership with Tactical Athlete Games (TAG). What are the Tactical Athlete Games? Think run and gun–with actual real, physical challenges. Tim Burke, the founder of the Tactical Athlete Games, calls it “Crossfit meets combat,” The slogan is No Off Season for a reason: Professional baseball, football, hockey players, et al, all… ... Read More »

Slide Fire Ceasing Sales of Bump Stocks

Slide Fire Solutions, absolutely best known for their bump stock attachments, has announced via their webpage that they will stop taking orders next month. As you can see, they will continue to take orders until May 20, 2018. In response to the Vegas shooting, last October an anti-gun group filed suit against Slide Fire. This was followed by an announcement… ... Read More »

Raytheon wraps up JSOW testing on F-35C | Ukraine looks to muscle in on Russia’s mod work in India | Army releases THAAD-Patriot integration contract

Americas Raytheon has wrapped up development testing as part of efforts to integrate its Joint Standoff Weapon C (JSOW C) onto the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter. Speaking in a company press release, Raytheon said the low-cost, air-to-ground missile is on track for full deployment in 2019. The latest test took place at the US Navy’s China Lake ranges in California ... Read More »

.22 Hornet vs .22WMR

The .22 Hornet traces its lineage back to the .22 WCF. Col. Townsend Whelen and Capt. G.L. Wotkyns—both of whom were working with Springfield Armory during the Roaring Twenties—helped finalize the centerfire cartridge’s design and chambered it in converted M1922 Springfield rifles, but it was Winchester that first legitimized the cartridge for the commercial market in 1930. The .22 Hornet ... Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Titan Retention

I found Titan Retention in the Phokus Research Group booth. The concept (and small business) were created by a Team Guy who wanted a better mousetrap. In this case, his mousetrap was a weapon retention device. Titan Retention uses a ratchet system to retain weapons and equipment with 500 lbs of force. It’s also PALS […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Wiley X Orion Glove

This is Wiley X’s answer to the GI flight glove. The Orion Glove is NAVAIR & US Army approved as well as US Air Force Safe-to-Fly certified. It is made from a Nomex/Kevlar knit and Sherman skin leather, making it at least 4x more durable than the issue glove. Available in Coyote and Foliage Green, […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – OSM W112-ML

The OSM (Over Snow Mobility) from DPS is a new military ski designed for use in conditions where you won’t traverse terrain over a 14 degree grade. It incorporates Fish Scales on the bottom which are as efficient as skins on those smaller hills. Think of it as a more efficient snow shoe. They also […] Read More »

Warrior West 18 – Petzl Lim’ice Ice Screw Sharpener

Petzl’s Lim’ice is a budget minded Ice Screw Sharpener and takes the guess work out of sharpening. You just screw the business end of the Ice Screw into the Lim’ice and slide it back and forth. Perfect for the individual or small unit. Read More »

HR 5490: House Dem Bill Calls for Handgun License in Every State

A group of House Democrats have introduced a new bill calling for a handgun license for buyers across all 50 states. Background Sponsored by Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.), Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) and Rep. Alma Adams (D-N.C.), HR 5490—otherwise known as the “Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act”—is framed as a means of reducing firearm homicide rates nationally. “In 2013, more than 33,000 Americans were ... Read More »

VIDEO: Danish Armed Forces Pick the Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry

Last year, it emerged that the Danish Armed Forces had begun testing out replacements for its aging 9mm M/49 Neuhausen (Sig P210). The four contenders were the Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry, Beretta APX, Glock 17 Gen5 and the Canik TP9SF. The P320 X-Carry has been chosen as the winner. Check out the video above to see all four contenders being tested. RELATED ... Read More »

How the Colt Police Positive Became the Top Choice Among Cops

Double-action cartridge revolvers had a somewhat unremarkable beginning in the American West. This was mostly due to the Civil War. Imported and American-made double-action percussion revolvers were carried by both Union and Confederate soldiers. However, many of them did not perform well under battlefield conditions or were awkward to handle; others, while well made and innovative in their design, simply ... Read More »

VG6 Precision’s Epsilon 762 Muzzle Device Also Functions as Flash Hider

VG6 Precision, an Aero Precision brand, has brought its new Epsilon 762 muzzle device to market. RELATED STORY 37 Muzzle Devices for Your AR-Pattern Rifle Compatible with most .30 caliber chambered rifles, the Epsilon 762 functions both as a muzzle brake and a flash hider, thus making it—according to the press release—a “hybrid device.” It sports a new chamber design that ... Read More »

Federal Premium Bolsters American Eagle Rifle Ammunition Offerings

Federal Premium is always looking for new categories, calibers or cartridges to provide shooters with more ammunition. Not every new introduction has to be a reinvention of the wheel though. Sometimes just keeping up with what’s hot can be a difficult enough task by itself. What’s hot right now is absolutely 6.5 Creedmoor, the darling caliber […] Read More … The ... Read More »

CMMG Unleashes the Banshee

CMMG has announced the addition of a new series of short barreled rifles (SBR’s) and AR Pistols that will be known as the BANSHEE line.  The BANSHEE’s sleek new design sports the shortest barrels CMMG offers in 9mm, .45 ACP, 300 BLK and .22 Long Rifle.  This ultra-compact and lightweight platform is extremely portable, making the BANSHEE a […] Read More … The ... Read More »

“Unload and show clear”? DeSantis’ Clear Kydex Holsters

Clear-ly carrying I do enjoy DeSantis Gunhide’s products.  They make some of my favorite IWB and pocket holsters for micro-compact semiautos.  Back when I was involved with firearms retail, they were also a super friendly and easy company to deal with as a small business.  At SHOT 2018, they showed me some of their more […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Machined Aluminum Cased .50 BMG Cartridges by Blackwater Ammunition

Blackwater Ammunition is a new company established by Eric Prince, the founder of Academy (Blackwater), James Fenech, ammunition and arms distributor, and Nicola Bandini who also is (was?) the CEO of Arsenal Firearms. The launch of this new company was officially announced during IWA 2018 exhibition. Blackwater Ammunition is located in Malta. It is a […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Brigand Arms Releases Lightweight Carbon Black Pistol Grip

As Seen at SHOT Show 2018 – Weighing 1.9 oz, the Carbon Black Pistol Grip’s weight is barely noticeable, even on lightweight builds (compare to the Magpul MOE+ Grip at 3.4 ounces). Dozens of mold iterations have produced a stable, tactile grip that is incredibly lightweight. The molded surfaces are designed to support the palm, not […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Home-Defense Carbine Considerations

The decision to purchase a gun for home defense isn’t always an easy one. In many cases it’s triggered by a need to feel safe after an incident has already occurred. But it isn’t a decision you have to face alone. Current statistics suggest that 42% of US households own at least one gun. The […] The post Home-Defense Carbine ... Read More »

Mission Accomplished: Slide Fire Announces Shutdown

Slide Fire Solutions, the primary makers of bump fire stocks in the United States, has posted a notice on their site announcing plans to cease operations on May 20. The Texas-based manufacturer has been targeted by the media, politicians and gun control advocates since Stephen Paddock opened fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel on a […] The post Mission Accomplished: ... Read More »

Shot Placement: Got Hunting Ethics?

Spike Box Ranch and Hunting Manager Tyler Pounds delivered an impromptu speech/pep talk yesterday as we cruised back to the bunkhouse following a somewhat unsuccessful morning of turkey hunting. It wasn’t that we couldn’t find any turkeys; they were simply the wrong ones. Spring turkey in King County, Texas means toms. If you’re very fortunate […] The post Shot Placement: ... Read More »

Danny Trejo and ‘Guns of Boom,’ Together At Last – Quote of the Day

“Celebrity partnerships aren’t uncommon in mobile games, but it’s not something we would have ever considered unless we knew we could find the right partner for our brand. With Danny Trejo, we’ve found a partner who’s not only a perfect match for Guns of Boom, but is someone who knows and loves the game. He’s […] The post Danny Trejo ... Read More »

Cimarron’s mid-1800s conversion guns

As the self-contained metallic cartridge was being developed and perfected, many firearms manufacturers and private gunsmiths were busy converting the cap and ball arms to metallic cartridge models, more commonly known as “conversions.” However, rather than convert the older percussion arms, the Remington factory began manufacturing their popular New Model Army revolvers as metallic cartridge […] The post Cimarron’s mid-1800s ... Read More »

Review: Daniel Defense Ambush 300

The Daniel Defense Ambush 300 Photos by Thomas Carlson Hunting at night is kind of like ice climbing. They are both gear-­intensive activities that require a good assemblage for a successful and safe outing. There’s always a sense of accomplishment waiting to be had at the end, but there is often a certain level of misery that must be endured ... Read More »

Reloading Bench: Reloading The Obsolete Cartridge

If you’re having trouble finding factory ammunition or brass for rifles chambered in obscure  or obsolete cartridges, don’t fret: You can make your own. The post Reloading Bench: Reloading The Obsolete Cartridge appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

VODA On The Cadillac Stance AKA The LEAN BACK

VODA on his Fat Joe, Terror Squad shit… still at his auntie’s house: 0:08 – hmmm RR21 Tactical Self Defense hey?  Never heard of it.  Are they actually cool with VODA, or did he just shell out $42.90 for that sweatshirt? Really nothing much else happens in the video. Because I never waste an opportunity at a rap reference.  Here’s ... Read More »

PUBG vs Fortnite

haha this makes me want to play both games: The channel that put this out is called “Nukazooka”.  Very high quality stuff.  I had no idea I was even subscribed to them, so maybe it used to be named something else? *shrug* On a side (but related) note.  Is there any particular reason they aren’t blaming school shootings on violent ... Read More »