Sunday, April 22, 2018

XTech Tactical Releases MTX Magazine Extension for M&P Full Size Pistols & Now Offers Bulk Packs for VP9 magazines!

Mesa, AZ- XTech Tactical, LLC an innovative firearms accessory manufacturer expands line of its patent pending MTX magazine extensions. First seen for the VP/P30 full size H&K pistols, the MTX compatible with the M&P, M&P 2.0 full size, and Caracal Enhanced F pistols is now shipping! These are anything but industry standard magazine extensions. The […] Read More »

M27 Accessories Evaluated

I’ve been sitting on this photo for awhile, but now that it has made it out into the wild, I figure it’s ok to share. I’m told it was taken at Quantico Marine Corps Base at Weapons Training Bn, and I’ve had a copy of the photo for several months. The three weapons were under […] Read More »

Redback One – Active Shooter Awareness Seminar

Click to view .pdf Redback One Active Shooter Awareness Seminar Presented by Jason Falla When: April 28, 2018 Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Where: Colonial Shooting Academy, VA Beach, VA Cost: $49.99 Registration: or email Read More »

The Real World Weapons of FarCry 5

In this special episode of TFBTV, Jim G. delves into the crazy world of FarCry 5 and compares the arms of the digital realm to their real-world counterparts. 🔫🔫 GUNS IN THIS VIDEO 🔫🔫 Cobray MAC-11/9 SIG P226 9mm Remington ACR Romanian SAR Romanian Draco SBR 💖💖 SPONSORS 💖💖 Many THANKS to: Ventura Munitions: […] Read More … The ... Read More »

SILENCER SATURDAY #16: Gas Regulation And You

Good day everyone, thanks for joining us for episode #16 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Last week we talked about some upcoming decibel metering tests of popular suppressors along with a few of the more unique commercially available models. Since then, I have been reading up on the proper use of a meter and some standardized […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Three-Barrel “Cigarette Guns” Captured by Australian Forces

These highly unusual firearms were captured by Australian forces after the occupation of East Timor by Indonesia. In 1999 and later, Australian forces were part of the UN forces used to keep order after Indonesia withdrew their military forces following 24 years of occupation. Some of the unusual design features of the gun include the […] The post Three-Barrel “Cigarette ... Read More »

Anti-Gun Left Targets Chris Cox’s Home, Wife’s Business

The anti-gun left has apparently fully embraced that old saying from the late sixties and early seventies: the personal is political. It’s not enough to protest the NRA’s headquarters, call its leaders Nazis and ask how many kids have they killed today in tediously un-original chants. Now they’re attacking their homes and families. National Rifle […] The post Anti-Gun Left ... Read More »

Stop Playing Defense On Second Amendment Rights – Quote of the Day

“You know, I talked to many Republican legislators in DC and you know what I heard? What I heard was that we have to defend the Second Amendment but I think we have to do more than that. We have to grow the Second Amendment because right now the Republicans are on defense and you […] The post Stop Playing ... Read More »

DEFEXPO 2018 – Aerospace Highlights

Models of India’s future hope for indigenous airpower: Ghatak stealth combat UAV and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) on display at DEFEXPO 2018. Other models included Airborne Early Warning (AEW) platforms and the Advanced Air Defence missile, part of India’s strategic missile defense network, can be seen in the background. Read More »

Warrior West 18 – LBT Riot Helmet

LBT was tasked with integrating a protective mask with their LBX ADAPTIV helmet to pair with the riot suit unveiled at this years SHOT Show. The end user wanted the ability to train like the fight using realistic scenarios and the custom riot helmet allows just for that. Read More »

Shell Shock Technologies Sponsored Shooter John Vlieger Places 2nd Overall at USPSA Area 6 Championship

Vlieger placed second in Open Division and Second Overall at the 2018 USPSA Area 6 Championship, held in Okeechobee, Florida, April 12 – 15, 2018. Westport, Conn. (April 2018) – Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., an early stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, is pleased to announce its sponsored shooter John Vlieger ... Read More »

GHM9 Update Adds Hollow Points to the Menu

Many shooters are aware that the B&T GHM9 was initially not feeding hollow points – as designed, it met the EU need of using strictly FMJ. However, B&T listened to the American market and user requests to resolve the issue have been met with a new update. The ability to feed hollow-points was particularly important […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Hoppe’s Adds Competitive Shooter Lena Miculek to Ambassador Line-Up

Hoppe’s, the best known name in gun care products, announces the signing of Lena Miculek to Hoppe’s Sponsored Shooter Program. She will represent Hoppe’s at USPSA and 3 Gun competitions, as well as assess and develop new products. Miculek is a competitive shooter from Arkansas, who started shooting competitively at just 8 years old. Working […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Adjustable AR-15 Gas Block by Armanov of Slovenia

A couple of months ago, we reported about one of the reloading products made by this Slovenian company. Recently Armanov has released an adjustable gas block for AR-15 rifles. According to the company, before releasing this product to the market they have tested it for several weeks to make sure it works flawlessly and can be offered […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Smith and Wesson Launches SW22 Victory® Target Model Pistol

Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that it has added a Target Model to it’s award-winning SW22 Victory line of pistols. Chambered in .22 LR, the new SW22 Victory Target Model pistol incorporates features designed for competitive target shooting, including target sights, custom target thumb rest grip, and polished feed ramp. Jan Mladek, General Manager […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Weekend Photo Caption Contest Win a Deep Conceal LLC Concealed Carry Holster

Last week’s winner was Bill Rees. This week’s best caption writer will win a Deep Conceal Ultra Model concealed carry holster (size XL). Just enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight to be eligible. The post Weekend Photo Caption Contest Win a Deep Conceal LLC Concealed Carry Holster appeared first on The Truth About ... Read More »

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jeff Pyle – Gun Hero of the Day

As in so many states since Parkland, the forces of civilian disarmament are doing their best to move the anti-gun ball forward in Pennsylvania. The house Judiciary Committee there has been taking testimony on a few bills under consideration, including extreme risk protection orders, an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks and outlawing bump fire […] The post Pennsylvania State ... Read More »

The Q Fix in 6.5 Creedmoor

In what other trailer park can you have a drink, admire a dancing mom’s bunions, and discuss 4th Generation Warfare? Brownells has the Q Fix in 6.5 Creedmoor now in stock. Paul Levy, the guy you so often see doing the Brownells videos, released a quick overview of it yesterday. The original Fix (in .308) was designed at the behest of Q Founder ... Read More »

Unity Tactical Garage Sale

Unity Tactical has a new clearance page that they call the Garage Sale. The page has a number of great items at drastically reduced prices including one of my favorites piece of gear they ever developed – the Monkey Bar (see our review). Unity Tactical Garage Sale Read More »

Phokus Research Group Wound Cube

A good friend of the blog recently told me about his experience with the Phokus Research Group Wound Cube – a training aid in the form of a semi-transparent silicone cube with 4 common and realistic wound patterns molded into it. He was impressed. The Wound Cube is designed to give students in a classroom […] Read More »

Concealment #9

As fellow travelers on the path of self-reliance, you’ve probably noticed we’re locked in a culture war at the moment. Leveraging justifiable public horror over the murder of 14 school kids and three teachers, those who would strip away our firearms rights are in full attack mode rig ht now. Companies that did business with the NRA have been targeted,… ... Read More »

FIRE MISSION | Ask Dick’s To Donate Rifles To Police Instead Of Destroying Them

We want Dick’s to donate rifles to police instead of destroying them. Dick’s is destroying rifles? Yep. Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Monday that they would be implementing yet another feel-good measure after their last announcement back in February. Dick’s stated that they would not sell modern sporting rifles in any of their 700 plus stores and limit sales of firearms to those… ... Read More »

Always Stay Ready with the New 3M™ Aura™ N95 Respirators

The Aura is a flat-folded and lightweight N95 respirator mask from 3M, which makes it perfect for storing in any emergency kit! The N95 designation means it’s resistant to airborne biological particles, as well as fluid resistant against blood and other infectious materials. The flat-fold design of the 3M Aura mask ensures it packs well into a bag or vehicle ... Read More »

Knight Vision, LLC Acquires Rights To RQE

Knight Vision, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Knight’s Enterprises has acquired the exclusive rights of RQE precision mounting and adaptation devices. Along with the various IP and design concepts acquired, adding to the Knight’s family is the owner and lead designer of RQE as an integrated business and design entity. Learn more at Read More »

Rockwell Tactical and Tripwire Operations Group Holding Open House on 4/25

In Gettysburg on 4/25, two major companies who support the first responder community – Tripwire and Rockwell Tactical – are hosting an open house. Details below. These companies have announced a joint partnership to give first responders the knowledge, tools and training they need to protect themselves and the country. Tripwire provides explosive products, inert […] Read More »

Spiritus Systems – The LUNCH BOX Pouch

The Lunchbox pouch is a versatile breaching pouch. It was created with exclusive input from the Direct Action Resource Center (DARC), located in Arkansas. DARC is a premiere tactics and training center with the leading breaching program in the country. Their instructors have ages of practical real world experience in explosive breaching, both the military and […] Read More »

Elijah Smith: Utah Police Release Body Cam Footage of Fatal OIS

Police in West Valley City, Utah, have released body camera footage showing the fatal shooting of Elijah Smith. RELATED STORY WATCH: Kentucky Police Officers Shoot, Kill Man Wielding Screwdriver Background The police report says the incident began when West Valley City police officers were dispatched to deal with a cell phone theft at a store in the area. Smith had snatched ... Read More »

Savage Introduces the Model 110 Wolverine & A22 Target Thumbhole

Savage Arms has expanded its Model 110 and A22 rifle lineups. The Model 110 series now includes the 110 Wolverine, while the A22 Target Thumbhole has been added to the A22 platform. RELATED STORY Gun Review: The Savage MSR 15 Recon Rifle in .223 Wylde Chambered in .450 Bushmaster, the Model 110 Wolverine boasts Savage’s AccuFit system which lets the ... Read More »

What Is the 10mm Pistol’s Place in the Current Market?

Some “dead” cartridges just seem to stay alive; the 10mm is the perfect example. Specifically, let’s examine the 10mm pistol. Having used the 10mm for more than two decades, its demise has been repeatedly predicted but has never actually occurred. Carried on duty, concealed, for SWAT and occasional hunting, it remains a favorite. RELATED STORY 10mm Pistols: 10 Rugged, Hard-Hitting ... Read More »

Savage 110 Wolverine in 450 Bushmaster Packs Potent Combination of Power and Precision

Chambered for the straight-walled 450 Bushmaster cartridge, the new Savage 110 Wolverine offers both precision and power for deer, bears and hogs. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers. The 110 Wolverine’s AccuFit system lets you easily tailor the length-of-pull and comb height for a perfect fit, while its user-adjustable AccuTrigger offers […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Spin That Springfield: A Look at Exhibition Rifle Drill

Exhibition rifle drill is a relatively new sport, starting to becoming popular in the 1970s and 1980s among JROTC and ROTC drill competitions. Today it occupies a vast amount of programs across the United States and continues to expand every year from the High School to the collegiate and even professional level. In this episode we […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Chiappa 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Lever Action Rifles

In celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary, Chiappa has released two engraved versions of their Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifles. The company was established in 1958 by  Ezechiele (Oscar) Chiappa and it is still a completely family-owned business. These commemorative lever action rifles are limited edition firearms. One of the rifles is made in […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Thumbs Up! Maglula Releases 7.62×39 AR15 Loader

“How can something so wrong, feel so right?” Every time I hear about an AR chambered in 7.62×39, these are the words that run through my head. Even though the combination should be blasphemy to combloc and freedom-loving shooters alike, the 7.62 AR15 combination is a fun and possibly inexpensive shooting setup. And here to […] Read More … The ... Read More »

POTD: Dynamic Munitions – Veteran Owned and Operated

For this segment of Photo-of-the-Day (POTD) we take a look at a veteran owned and operated company dubbed Dynamic Munitions. Based out of the glorious state of Texas, they specialize in ammunition and AR-15s. Their AR-15 rifles and pistols are chambered in .223/5.56, .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. They pride themselves by using billet lower and […] Read More … The ... Read More »

US Marine Corps Interested in Next Generation Squad Weapon System

The US Marine Corps are working with the US Army to find a replacement for the 5.56x45mm ammunition currently available. The Army, has for some time been arguing that even the 5.56x45mm Enhanced Performance Round is insufficient to combat emerging threats. The Marine Corps, however, have not voiced the same concerns, indeed they even recently […] Read More … The ... Read More »

JMAC Customs Gets ‘Loud And Flashy”

If you spend any time on firearms-focused social media channels, it is easy to spot those who are going through the motions just for the business and those who truly enjoy their work. Justin and Ashley McMillion of JMac Customs definitely fall into the later category and their newest product is a perfect example of their pure […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Rolling Stone Magazine Shows You The Right Way to Destroy an AR-15 Rifle

As gun owners, we can always count on the editors at Rolling Stone magazine to keep us in compliance with the myriad laws pertaining to firearms. So with the news that Dick’s Sporting Goods will be destroying their inventory of AR-pattern rifles that they’re now too responsible and virtuous to sell, the Rolling Stoners did […] The post Rolling Stone ... Read More »

When Seconds Count…Your 911 Operator May Hang Up On You

“An unconscious woman, a robbery in progress, cars racing on the interstate: All of these incidents led people to call Houston’s 911 system — but not for long. These were among thousands of calls that were cut short by an operator who Harris County prosecutors said simply hung up on the callers.” Police response time […] The post When Seconds ... Read More »

AR-15: The Right Firearm When Defending Against Multiple Home Invaders

On Sunday morning at about 4 a.m. in Glen St. Mary, Florida, a group of seven masked home invaders barged into a mobile home located on County Road 125. A shot was fired by one invader. Two of the home’s four occupants responded with armed force. One of the residents had an AR-15 style rifle. […] The post AR-15: The ... Read More »

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Most everyone has pretty much the same list of wants in a concealed carry gun. People want a small and light gun, with a good trigger, good sights and a decent capacity. If it shoots well and comfortably on top of all that, well, that’s just a bonus. It’s akin to wanting your delicious gourmet […] The post Gun Review: ... Read More »

BREAKING: Police Respond to Ocala, FL School Shooting

Police have responded to reports of a school shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, FL. According to initial reports, one student was shot in the leg and the shooter has been arrested. This comes on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting . .. The Columbine High School shooting took place April 20, 1999. Many […] The post BREAKING: Police ... Read More »

Two Gilchrist County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies Shot To Death While Eating in Restaurant

Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Department were eating dinner in a Trenton, Florida Chinese restaurant last night when John Hubert Highnote, of Bell, Florida shot both of them through a window. Both officers were killed. Update: Two Gilchrist County deputies shot, killed through restaurant window; suspect found dead […] The post Two Gilchrist ... Read More »

The Moral Imperative of Gun Dealer Licensing – Quote of the Day

“We are united in demanding that those we elect have the moral courage to take the steps they can to save lives — maybe not all the lives, maybe not every day, but ask those who grieve if their child, their brother, their mother was not worth the effort to try. “These emergency and trauma […] The post The Moral ... Read More »