Friday, July 28, 2017

Army Demonstrates a New Age of Night Marksmanship Technology

The U.S. Army demonstrated a breakthrough in soldier weapons targeting Thursday that features a tiny, weapon-mounted thermal sight designed to communicate wirelessly with the service’s latest Enhanced Night Vision Goggle. By pressing a button on the side of an M4 carbine, soldiers can wirelessly transmit the Family of Weapon Sights-Individual’s sight reticle into the wide display screen of the helmet-mounted ... Read More »

GALAC-TAC (Green Wolf Gear Exclusive) Olive Drab Figure

We are currently living in a world where a company created an action figure based on a set of cosplay armor inspired by unarguably the most popular space fantasy series of all time. Neat. Based on Ryan B. Flowers’ GALAC-TAC, Mandalorian-inspired armor, this figure from Green Wolf Gear comes wearing a set of GALAC-TAC armor, with a launcher, and a ... Read More »

Grey Ghost Precision Partners with Aero Precision

Grey Ghost Precision announced the company entered into a strategic partnership with Aero Precision. Grey Ghost Precision stated that this partnership will allow the company to take its line of Glock handgun components to “the next level.” Grey Ghost Precision specifically cited Aero Precision’s manufacturing abilities, manufacturing expertise and distribution channels as key factors in how the partnership […] Read More … The ... Read More »

New Aftermarket Remington 700 Trigger Assembly

Velocity Triggers announced a new drop in replacement for the Model 700 rifle made by Remington. The drop in trigger assembly is a user adjustable system that can be set by the shooter at any pull weight from two to four pounds. When it ships from Velocity Triggers, the assembly is set right down the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Savage’s Compact AR-10: The MSR10 Hunter Review (4K UHD)

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the Savage MSR-10 Hunter. (Full disclosure in the interest of transparency for our viewers: Some time after James reviewed this rifle, Savage agreed to sponsor the channel starting August 1. It did not affect the review). The Savage MSR 10 Hunter is a compact AR10 available in .308 […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Lead Star Arms “RAVAGE” Lightweight AR-15 Stock

Lead Star Arms has introduced a lightweight AR-15 stock called Ravage. It is CNC machined out of a solid block of 7075 T6 aluminum and weighs only 6 oz! It is a fixed stock, that is to say, a non-adjustable one. The way it attaches to the buffer tube (or receiver extension, if you will) is that […] Read More … The ... Read More »

REVIEW: POF G3 Sporter .308 [GUEST POST]

This is a guest post by Zani from Pakistan The ‘Sporter’ cal .308 Winchester has been designed as a hunting rifle with the firing mechanism of G3A3 in semiautomatic mode. The accuracy of the gun has been enhanced with a freely floating extended barrel and a mil standard pictanny rail for mounting telescope. Caliber 7.62 […] Read More … The ... Read More »

NRA Commentator Dom Raso: We Don’t Encourage Violence

In the video below, NRA commentator Dom Raso takes The Daily Beast to task for creating and publishing the incendiary image above. (The Beast placed it over a piece by… The post NRA Commentator Dom Raso: We Don’t Encourage Violence appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

New From Bog-Pod: Rapid Shooting Rest (RSR)

A stable shooting platform is a must for accurate shot placement, and the Rapid Shooting Rest from Bog-Pod seeks to provide a quickly-adjustable solution. A shorty aluminum tripod with grippy… The post New From Bog-Pod: Rapid Shooting Rest (RSR) appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Mississippi Cops Kill Man While Serving Arrest Warrant at Wrong House

“One officer fired shots at the pit bull that hurtled out of the mobile home in Southaven, Miss.,” reports. “The other officer fired at the person pointing a gun… The post Mississippi Cops Kill Man While Serving Arrest Warrant at Wrong House appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Top Five Guns of the National Sporting Arms Museum

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is nestled in the Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield, MO. After ascending a staircase flanked by railings made of muskets, visitors enter… The post Top Five Guns of the National Sporting Arms Museum appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Anatomy of an Officer’s Defense in a High-Profile Shooting Pt. 2

By Attorney Scott Wood (Republished with permission from Click here to read Part 1.) EDITOR’S NOTE: Last September in a volatile case that drew international attention, Betty Shelby [above], a white… The post Anatomy of an Officer’s Defense in a High-Profile Shooting Pt. 2 appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Near Tacoma? Check out TriggrCon 2017

Support the cause – buy some of our stuff! Near SeaTac? Check out TriggrCon 2017 Richard Kilgore and Jake Call; cover photo shamelessly stolen from @christranfiveoh TriggrCon 2017 begins today with a range day for industry and the media, then opens up this weekend for the general public. We hear it’s like SHOT Show, but less frenetic. Grunts: frenetic. TriggerCon (@triggrcon) ... Read More »

Ammunition For The AK

Ammunition for the AK centers on two cartridges, the original 7.62x39mm round and the subsequent 5.45x39mm. Although, it should be remembered that AKs of one type or another have also been chambered for two NATO calibers—the 5.56 NATO round (as seen in the current Russian Izmash AK101 and AK102 rifles, with 415mm and 314mm barrel lengths, respectively) and the 7.62 ... Read More »

Meet Mr. Kalashnikov

Mikhail Kalashnikov sits in his home discussing his design with the author. A hero in his own country, his rifle is known and respected around the globe. What sets apart Mikhail Kalashnikov from other famous rifle designers? That’s a fairly simple question to answer. No other small-arms designer in history has breathed life into a rifle that has been manufactured ... Read More »

SIONICS Test Fire Procedure

Test firing procedures vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some test fire by firing a round or two into a trap. Some spot test a few rifles out of a batch. SIONICS test fires each and every rifle and upper on the range with 10-15 rounds each. They recently released this image of a massive […] Read More »

Riton USA and Aaron Tippin Give Back to Law Enforcement

Riton USA and country music artist Aaron Tippin have teamed up during Tippin’s “25 Years” tour to honor local law enforcement at selected tour stops. Tippin will present local officers with a Riton USA product and honor their sacrifices whenever possible. Read More »

Speed Load Tactical Knife from Browning

The Speed Load Tactical model knife has been introduced by Browning for 2017. The new knife features a folding liner lock blade with four replaceable 420J2 stainless steel razor blade inserts. Read More »

Birchwood Casey Popper Steel Target

The Birchwood Casey World of Targets Popper Steel Target is constructed of 3/8″ AR500 steel and will easily absorb hits from both centerfire pistols and rifles. The target stands 22″ tall when assembled and has an 8″ target paddle. Read More »

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Named Shotgun of the Year

Benelli’s Super Black Eagle 3 won Shotgun of the Year Award at the recent Industry Choice Awards. The Industry Choice Awards recognized innovation and creativity in new-product development across a host of outdoor categories ranging from optics to ammunition. Read More »

SureFire Launches Warcomp & Flash Hider

SureFire, LLC announced the launch of the all new closed tine WARCOMP and closed tine flash hider. The WARCOMP-556-CTN is a closed tine flash hider that is neutrally ported to aid in recoil management. The SFCT-556-1/2-28 is a closed tine flash hider that is similar to the design of a traditional birdcage flash hider. Read More »

Smith & Wesson Model 360 Revolver

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the new Model 360 revolver, Smith & Wesson’s latest addition to its popular J-Frame revolver line. The Model 360 revolver features a scandium alloy frame, unfluted stainless steel cylinder, Flat Dark Earth combat grips, and is chambered in the .357 Magnum cartridge. Read More »

Daniel Defense to Exhibit at TRIGGRCON

Daniel Defense has announced that it will be attending the 2017 TRIGGRCON Expo in Tacoma, Washington. The first two days of the event will include a range day and industry day open to media and industry leaders, and the final two days will be open to the public. Read More »

Zip Bags, Overwhites and Choosing Survival Essentials – Gear Tasting 99

Organization takes effort and today on Gear Tasting, Bryan showcases some new sizes of our ITS Nylon Zip Bags that make organizing a breeze. He also offers a look at a new Canvas Zip Bag colorway and hints at some new nylon products coming in the future. During Questions Over Coffee, Bryan tackles camouflage during the winter and what items ... Read More »

ORSM 17 – Goal Zero Venture 70

I’ve been using the Goal Zero Venture 30 as a backup power supply for my phone and iPad since it came out. At OR, I got my first look at the new Venture 70. At 66.9 Wh, this 17,700mAh Power Pack not only offers more than double the power of my Venture 30, but it’s […] Read More »

ORSM 17 – Updated Guide Tennie from Five Ten

Five Ten was colocated with parent company Adidas at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.  The sole features Five Ten’s famous Stealth Rubber but with a new midsole. Additionally, the heel cup comes up slightly higher and there is now a notch in the rubber rand around the toe to facilitate flex. Read More »

ORSM 17 – LALO Tactical Jungle Boot

LALO Tactical is introducing their take on the classic jungle book. Offered with Black, OD, and Coyote side panels the boots integrate an interesting reinforcement to prevent ankle rolls. You can see the reinforcement in the photo and it works in conjunction with the laces to lock the heel in place and stabilize the ankle.  […] Read More »

ORSM 17 – Leatherman TREAD Tempo

In 2015, Leatherman launched the TREAD, a linked metal bracelet with different tools making up the links. Not long after, third party vendors introduced adapters to convert the Tread into a watchband. Leatherman was working in a similar concept, but they wanted their own watch and needed to get the interface right so that the […] Read More »

VIDEO: The ‘AutoGlove’ Offers Simulated Full-Auto on Semi-Auto Guns

Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove Photo by AutoGlove The firearms industry is stacked with unique accessories, and this certainly qualifies. A company called AutoGlove USA out of McLean, Va. has released a new glove of the same name that allows the user to experience simulated fully-automatic rates ... Read More »

Gun Review: Springfield XDM 4.5-Inch Threaded Barrel

With the XDM 4.5″ Threaded Barrel, Springfield Armory has created a reliable suppressor-ready pistol that holds 19+1 rounds of 9mm firepower. Available with a matte black slide and a black or Flat Dark Earth frame, the XDM 4.5″ Threaded Barrel has a number of features designed specifically for tactical operators. Springfield Armory equips the pistol with a 5.28-inch, hammer-forged, Melonited ... Read More »

VIDEO: Hacker Proves Smart Gun Isn’t So Smart After All

We’ve all seen the headlines touting the smart gun concept—in which authorized users are the only people who can fire the weapon—as the next evolution in firearm safety. But how reliable is the technology? A hacker recently decided to put that question to the test, and, well, let’s just say the smart gun has a ways to go. RELATED STORY: ... Read More »

POTD: Colt Said No To Full Auto Fun

The picture above is basically a “Colt c*#k block”. It is a sear block that was installed by the Colt factory. This was Colt’s answer to prevent people from using DIAS (Drop In Auto Sear) or a Lightning Link back when they were plentiful and affordable prior to 1986. They even neutered the BCG so […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Roden’s Patent Improved Snider: An Interesting and Rare Early Locking Breech

1864: The British government adopts (American) Jacob Snider’s breech-loading conversion for the P-1853 musket, with first issue in 1866. It uses a cutting-edge brass cartridge. 1865: The British War Office announces a series of rifle trials to replace the stop-gap Snider. 1866-67: 104 rifles compete until only nine were left standing. None of them exactly won, […] Read More … The ... Read More »

A Close-up Look at the Ellis-Jennings Repeating Flintlock Rifle

In 1821, inventor Isaiah Jennings* of New York City, NY received a patent improvement on the earlier 1784 (!) multi-shot flintlock patent by Joseph Belton. I’ll illustrate below what is believed to be Jennings’ improvement. Reuben Ellis of Albany, New York coordinated the manufacture of these rifles by R. & J.D. Johnson of Mildletown, CT, and the sale […] Read More … The ... Read More »

IMBEL official 5.56x45mm IA2 rifle/carbine advices

Following a recent firing incident with a 5.56x45mm IA2 semi-auto carbine in LE training use in Brazil, IMBEL – Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil has issued an official recommendation note covering two aspects of the weapon’s operation. The first of them refers to the commonly-controversial 5.56x45mm vs .223 Rem ammo use, whose slightly different […] Read More … The ... Read More »

If the Women Don’t Find You Handsome…

One of my favorite TV shows is Red Green. For a Canadian, that guy is alright. If you haven’t had the pleasure of his manly wit, you really ought to take a moment to watch a few episodes. Like a real life version of Red Green, the YouTuber AvE has taught me not to be […] Read More … The ... Read More »

More Firearm Designs From Technostudio Engineering

Our post about Technostudio’s CAD/Cam renderings of their wild firearms designs caught widespread attention. I’ll remind everyone now that those guns, along with the ones pictured here, are equivalent to car makers releasing glossy graphics for futuristic concept vehicles. However, the Technostudio Engineering leadership is pushing full steam ahead, looking for both funding and prospective […] Read More … The ... Read More »

3-Lug 9mm And 45cal Slim Mounts From SilencerCo

As old as the H&K style 3-Lug mounting system is, it still has overwhelming popularity with pistol caliber carbine, sub machine gun and personal defense weapon (PDW) fans who prefer to run suppressed. The simplistic springloaded system is the perfect matchup for compact weapons that break down in to carry bags but may need to […] Read More … The ... Read More »

The Bayonext Out The Front Bayonet

The AR-15 and M-16 variant rifles were originally designed for use with a bayonet, but with free float full-length hand guards being all the rage with tactical operators these days no one ever uses a bayonet anymore. Well the folks over at Bayonext have just the answer for you with their Bayonext Out The Front Bayonet. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Daniel C Felsted

Fire, light, communication, utility, sustenance and personal defense. What else do you really need? See everything Daniel carries at Everyday Carry . . .   The post Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Daniel C Felsted appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »