Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System

At the US Tactical Supply I finally got a chance to check out the SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System In person. The amount of thought, and work, that went into this thing is impressive. It’s available in 5.56 and 7.62 versions. Either one come packed in a Coyote or MultiCam pouch. The contents consist of: […] Read More »

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – KAC Lightweight Assault Machine Gun Update

I noticed a slight update to the Knight’s Armament Company Lightweight Assault Machine Gun we showed you last year. The barrel remains 15″ but it’s now a heavy barrel and they added a handle. This, after user feedback, which told them that the original barrel was getting hot and some users didn’t want to have […] Read More »

Samson Announces New M-LOK And KeyMod Mounts For GoPro Cameras

Keene, NH – Ever wanted to be in your own action film? Samson Manufacturing, a leader in Firearms Parts & Accessories is ready to make you a movie star! Offering Direct and 90 Degree GoPro Mount Kits with your choice of M-LOK or KeyMod compatibility, giving you numerous ways to capture those shots you really want. “In today’s culture everyone ... Read More »

YouTube Rule Changes Cause Content Creators to Migrate to PornHub

It has been a busy couple of days for the guys at InRange TV. Their decision to open an account on the porn site PornHub has seen them go not just viral but global. The decision to set up an account on the NSFW equivalent of YouTube has garnered attention from news agencies across the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Worst AK Variants – Pakistan and Afghanistan

What does an average person know about the Pakistani weapons and the military-industrial complex? Nothing. Ordinary people are not interested in this kind of weird stuff. OK, so what does an average gun enthusiast know about Pakistani weapons? Probably not much either. What usually comes to mind is grumpy bearded guys wearing funny hats, who […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Stoner Didn’t Like the SAW: Stoner 86/ARES LMG-1

The Stoner 86/ ARES LMG-1 unfortunately never received much fanfare in the time that it was produced. Originally intended as Eugene Stoner’s concept idea for the SAW trials in what would later become the FN Herstal M249, it never reached full production potential. Truly a shame considering the well thought out features of the weapon […] Read More … The ... Read More »

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: The High Price Of Night Vision

Good evening everyone. Thanks for coming back to TFB’s Friday Night Lights Series. A common theme among first-time buyers of high-end night vision gear always seems to revolve around price. Specifically, why is everything so expensive? We touched on this briefly last year in my interview with Todd Huey of Lone Star Boars and what […] Read More … The ... Read More »

How AK Parts Kits are Made in WBP Rogow of Poland (Video)

Polish WBP Rogow has published a video showing how AKMS rifles are disassembled into parts kits in their factory. They completely disassemble the rifles including the removal of barrel and trunnions. Let’s watch the video first then take a closer look at different processes. As you can see in the video the whole process starts with field stripping […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Mark Walters: “March for Our Lives” is Gun Grabbers’ “Coming Out” Day

Mark Walters writes [via]: In a recent piece I wrote for Breitbart News, I predicted the exhaustive and extensive coverage of the upcoming “March for Our Lives” this weekend. Here’s what I said: Splashed across hundreds of millions of television screens to a global audience, the speakers will take the stage to demand that […] The post Mark Walters: ... Read More »

BREAKING: President Trump, DOJ Plans to Ban Bump Fire Stocks Revealed

“President Donald Trump announced Friday evening plans for the Justice Department to ban all bump stocks, pending a mandated comment period,” reports. Click here to read the proposal. It’s a 55-page treatise. Money shot . . . ATF has now determined that the conclusion [that bump fire stocks are not machine guns] does not reflect […] The post BREAKING: President ... Read More »

Suppressor Legislative Updates

Our friends at the American Suppressor Association bring us some state-by-state legislation updates: California  On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, the California Senate Public Safety Committee heard S.B. 710, a bill seeking to legalize suppressor ownership and hunting in California. Unfortunately, even after informative testimony by the ASA, the committee failed to pass the bill in a 3-2-2 […] The post Suppressor Legislative ... Read More »

New from Auto-Ordnance: Victory Girls 1911

Press release: Auto-Ordnance is now shipping the special edition World War II themed “Victory Girls” 1911, designed to honor the women whose strength drove industry at home in support of our boys fighting overseas. The original concept was first shown at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.Beginning with a base 1911A1 GI Model in .45ACP, it […] The post New from ... Read More »

CEO Mike Corbat Citbank Memo Outlines the New Commercial Firearms Policy

The new Citibank Commercial Firearms Policy isn’t one gun-owners will like, however carefully Citi CEO Mike Corbat worded his memo. Hat tip to The Firearm Rack. Brought to you today thanks to SAC: Strategic Armory Corps – fulfilling every niche and need. A number of sites are reporting news that Citibank, a massive financial institution headquartered in New York City, intends to begin ... Read More »

Sicario 2 | Soldado – Dirty, Dangerous and Bloody

Another look at Sicario 2 | Soldado has been released. We’re interested as much in how they portray events on the border as we are for the gunplay. Brought to you today by the baller badassery of Ballistic Advantage. “Luck Doesn’t Live On This Side Of The Border” A new trailer for the Day of the Soldado has been released. Starring ... Read More »

The Springfield M1873 – America’s First Modern Rifle?

Firearm antiquarians may remember that the Springfield M1873 was first put to the test at the Battle of the Little Bighorn and saw service for over 20 years. Brought to you today courtesy of GEMTECH: World Class Silencers. At the end of the Civil War, the US War Department decided to switch to a breech-loading rifle for general issue. In ... Read More »

Etymotic GunSport Pro-15 Electronic Earplugs, a Report

We’ve been working with some GunSport Pro-15 earplugs for a while. Here’s what we think so far. Brought to you today in part by the WARCOMP, from SureFire. Photos by Muzzle Flash Media Ear protection is an absolute must-have if you’re shooting firearms. That should be obvious, but take it from me, it isn’t always. I have permanent tinnitus in my left ... Read More »

5.11 Tactical Flex Jeans | AfterSHOT

We took a lot of video at SHOT Show 2018, as you prob’ly know if you’ve been watching our YouTube Channel. Here’s the most recent one, a look at the 5.11 Tactical Flex jeans. Breach-Bang-Clear Handcrafted from an old American White Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrel. Here’s Jeremy at the 5.11 Tactical booth. This article was the work of two or more of the Breach-Bang-Clear staff. If ... Read More »

Essential Liberty | The Right To Bear Arms

The right to be armed is the right to be free, which is why everyone should be pro-gun.  Breach-Bang-Clear Brought to you today in its entirety by SureFire’s WARCOMP. The Right to be Armed is the Ultimate Expression of Freedom We are all aware of the rhetoric surrounding guns and gun control these days. It has become so predictable, I often ... Read More »

Go Train, Lazy Ass | Weekend of 16 March 18

Hey, fucko. You’ll practice your golf swing every Sunday regardless of weather, but going to the range is a rarefied, arduous task? Go train, lazy ass. Make it a weekend traincation. Breach-Bang-Clear This article was made possible by Raven Concealment Systems (@ravenconcealment) and their PERUN series modular holster. Get Some Training From The Breach-Bang-Clear Tribe. Anywhere near Silver City, New Mexico? ... Read More »

6 Ways to Revolutionize the Infantry | #1 is a Top Gun for Grunts

The Close Combat Lethality Task Force is the mechanism by which the Warrior Monk SECDEF Mattis and Advisory Board Chairman Gen. Scales want to revolutionize the infantry, increasing lethality and survivability. Breach-Bang-Clear They’re online and, for some of you, right outside the gate too. Use code BBC10 to save a few $$$. Time for Better Tech, Better Training, and a Small Unit ... Read More »

Rhino GX | 440 Horse 6.7L V8 Rhinos Roaming China

The Rhino GX is something more than an up-armored pickup but different from a rich man’s technical, and they’re mostly being sold in far-off Cathay. Breach-Bang-Clear This article brought to you in its entirety by PROPPER (@wearpropper): 50 Years of Service and still getting it done. There Are Four Model Packages Available In Stealth Black, Tactical Green, and Desert Sand 40 ... Read More »

Build It In Billet | KE Arms Billet Receivers Back In Stock

Build it in billet — KE Arms is switching out their standard offerings. This gives you the chance to buy some of the older ones at some pretty damn good prices. Breach-Bang-Clear We have some news for you today from KE Arms — really good news if you’re looking to build a Frankengun! Standard Billet Lowers Are On Their Way Out – It’s Flared ... Read More »

10 Great American Gun Designers

These are the men whose gun designs shaped American firearms as we know them today. The post 10 Great American Gun Designers appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

SIONICS Gutless Lower Receiver

If you want to put together a properly built AR-15 lower receiver but you don’t want to invest in all the specialized tools, SIONICS has your back with their new Gutless Lower Receivers. These receivers come with all the hard stuff already done the right way. The roll pins are installed, the pivot and take […] Read More »

Review: Caldwell Stable Table – Portable Shooting Table

There was a time in my life when I thought I would never have need for a shooting table. Shooting tables were for the weak and soft. I would just use the prone position forever. I do most of my shooting on public land or on my home range both of which are, shall we […] Read More »

The Ashley Update: One of One Thousand Winchester Model 1873

Hlebinsky, who previously worked at the Smithsonian is exactly the kind of ambassador the shooting community needs. Torrentially well informed, passionate to the point of geekery, and blessed with a wicked sense of humor, she can swill whiskey and smoke cigars while holding forth on black powder muskets until your eyes glaze over. Spreading the gospel of responsible firearms ownership… ... Read More »

RECOIL Issue #36

With the announcement that his administration was moving to ban bump stocks following the recent school shooting in Florida, the Trump White House has crossed into all-too-familiar territory. Following a frenetic and seemingly orchestrated campaign from the anti-gun crowd and their lackeys in the media, Congress and the executive branch were under intense pressure to “do something,” even if that… ... Read More »

Get Medical Training for Free Everywhere on March 31st for National Stop the Bleed Day

Saturday, March 31st is National Stop the Bleed Day, supporting awareness and training for treating traumatic bleeding. The number one preventable death in trauma is bleeding. 20% of people who die from traumatic injuries could have survived with proper bleeding control. National Stop the Bleed Day brings Bleeding Control (B-CON) Instructors and students together for a day of training, free of ... Read More »

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Shadow Tech Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap

The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap from Shadow Tech (makers of the HOG Saddle) allows you to attach your Kestrel to Slings, Tripod Legs or PALS webbing (via MALICE Clip). But the most important features are that it maintains full operation and function of the wind meter and protects sensor holes from being obstructed by mud […] Read More »

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Badger Ordnance Condition 1 Modular Safety

Badger Ordnance showed me their new C1 Modular Safety in regular and extra large size. The massive version caught my eye, so its utility as a demonstrator worked. It offers single-sided or ambidextrous control, left or right hand, 60° or 90° throw. Additionally, the levers and cap have a bright red enamel indicator for easy […] Read More »

USSOCOM Adopts 6.5 Creedmoor

Last Spring, USSOCOM undertook a study of 6.5 family cartridges to determine a path forward for Precision Intermediate Caliber Ammunition. Over the last year, USASOC, the primary driver of this initiative, narrowed it down to 260 Remington and 6.5 Creemoor. Testing indicated that the two calibers performed very closely. Last month, the command conducted a […] Read More »

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – MODTAC Chemlight Cache

Modern Tactical Creations are relatively new to the market. Founded by two SF NCOs, they work to create solutions to problems found at the operator and team level. They have several great products, but I thought we should introduce them with the Chemlight Cache. The Chemlight Cache is an injection molded PALS compatible organizer for […] Read More »

El Monte Police Get New Sig Pistols, Rifles, Suppressors, & Optics

Sig Sauer is equipping the El Monte Police Department in California with a full suite of pistols, rifles, suppressors and optics. According to SIG’s presser, the acquisition process started within the department’s SWAT division. SWAT Team Leader Sgt. Mark Snook sought new handguns for his unit. In response, he received pistols chambered in both 9mm and .45 ACP from Sig Sauer, HK, Glock and ... Read More »

DoubleStar Reveals Its STAR10-BX Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem

Kentucky-based DoubleStar has unveiled its new STAR10-BX rifle. RELATED STORY Field Test: Shooting the Customized Doublestar Starcar A3 5.56mm Available in both 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington, the STAR10-BX sports a 22-inch stainless steel, free floating heavy barrel. The barrel has a 1:8 twist rate. This rifle is based on DoubleStar’s STAR10-B, incorporating that model’s billet aircraft 7075 TC aluminum upper and lower. ... Read More »

Why the SIG MCX Rattler Is the Perfect 300 Blackout PDW Solution

The personal-defense weapon (PDW) concept began in earnest in the late 1980s. The idea was to replace 9mm submachine guns for support troops and special operations units with something more powerful that wasn’t a full-sized rifle. This lead to some interesting designs that used proprietary cartridges, like the 5.7x28mm FN P90 and 4.6x30mm HK MP7. These guns eventually faded away—partially ... Read More »

Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto Pistol Bayonet

No, today is not the April 1 and this thing is not a joke but a real product manufactured and sold by a Canadian company called Bluntforce. If you are into accessories like the pump action bayonet that we saw at SHOT Show 2018, then Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto pistol bayonet must be the ultimate accessory for […] Read More … The ... Read More »

[IWA 2018] Zahal x Fab Defense MOJO Grip

I saw a photo floating around social media just after SHOT Show last January of a magwell accessory that has interchangeable face plates. Somewhat akin to the Sharps Bros lower receiver concept of 3D sculpted mag well this mag well grip has skulls, helmets and other pieces of flair to help personalize your AR-15. Well […] Read More … The ... Read More »

First Look: US Army’s Armor Piercing Tungsten-Cored XM1158 Round

The first photographs of the tungsten carbide cores for the US Army’s new XM1158 round have surfaced. The Army’s 7.62x51mm XM1158 Advanced Armor Piercing (ADVAP) round featured in the US Army’s Manufacturing Technology program 2018 Fiscal Year Update as one of their successful programs. The XM1158 round is said to provide improved performance against barriers and armour likely […] Read More … The ... Read More »

New Limited Edition Aimpoint Micro H-2 Orange

We just reported about the Limited Edition Flat Dark Earth Aimpoint T-2. It was sold out almost immediately. Collectors and lovers of Orange better beware now, because there’s a new limited edition of the H-2 Micro introduced at IWA. As you can see it is bright Ceracote orange and will stand out on any rifle. […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Dangerous Armor Testing Conducted by UARM of Ukraine (DO NOT Try This at Home)

A Ukrainian company called UARM is specialized in body armor manufacturing. They have recently published quite a controversial video where they demonstrate the performance of their armor in the most unsafe manner one can imagine. The director of the company wears a plate carrier with one of their armor plates inside it and another employee shoots him with […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: What — If Anything — Is Missing?

Larry Williamson’s pocket dump  is fairly comprehensive, including as it does a Whistles for Life Tri-Power Safety Whistle for Scuba Divers and Snorkelers. In fact, I can’t think of what the “technician’s” everyday loadout doesn’t have. Wait. Yes. Coffee. It doesn’t even have  Coke Zero! (Sponsored by Instructor Zero.) What do you think his backpack lacks? The post Everyday Carry Pocket ... Read More »

Remington 870 DM Predator Bags a Big Bird

Our man Jeremy S. was out and about hunting turkeys with Wildlife Systems of San Antonio, Texas. As you can see, things went well — for Jeremy. Mr. S. felled the 20 pound-plus winged creature using Remington’s 870 DM Predator. His review of the box fed shottie is forthcoming. Meanwhile we can confirm . . . […] The post Remington 870 ... Read More »

Will “March for Our Lives” Trigger More Gun Control? Question of the Day

The media love-in for tomorrow’s “March for Our Lives” will be unprecedented. It will be an anti-gun orgy the likes of which this country has never seen. It will be rife with misinformation, misdirection, ignorance and willful ignorance; suffused with teenage indignation. It will be supercharged with anti-NRA anger. Bloody shirts will be waved with […] The post Will “March ... Read More »

Police Shootings Triggered by Subject’s Demeanor, Not Race

Force Science Institute writes:  It’s all about a subject’s demeanor—not about race, ethnicity, or attire—when encounters with police escalate to violence, according to a new study from Washington State U . . . Activist groups and mainstream media, of course, tend to insist otherwise. But a research team that conducted the first controlled laboratory study comparing how […] The post Police Shootings ... Read More »