Monday, April 24, 2017

Vertx Unveils its Newest Tactical Pants

Vertx just unveiled its newest tactical pants that include a new stretch fabric as well as innovative design features. The Fusion Stretch Tactical Pants embrace classic Vertx features, such as the inset cargo pockets, a full gusset and articulated knees, they have been elevated with innovative features demanded by today’s prepared professionals, according to a recent Vertx press release. They ... Read More »

Arc’teryx LEAF – Assault Shirt & Pant LT

While many would look at the Assault LT series and call it a “Jungle” uniform, it’s not specificially designed for use in jungle, or arid environs for that matter, but rather as a more generic Hot Weather Combat Uniform. The Katana fabric from WL Gore & Associates incorporates ePTFE fibers and is lightweight, breathable, fast […] Read More »

Remembering The Fallen Of Operation Eagle Claw

Today marks the anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw. In the early morning hours of 25 April, 1980 President Carter announced to a stunned world that the United States had undertaken an ambitious raid into Iran to liberate 52 American hostages held illegally at our Embassy in Tehran. Unfortunately, Operation Eagle Claw was unsuccessful and we […] Read More »

SureFire to Offer Special Show Pricing on Select Products at 2017 NRA Show

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative— illumination tools, suppressors, and tactical products, will be offering many of its best-in-class products for sale at exclusive show specials at the 2017 NRA Show in Atlanta, Georgia, which runs April 28th through the 30th. Show attendees will have the opportunity to purchase some […] Read More »

Tactical Advantage: 17 Combat-Tested, Home Defense Rifles


Huldra Arms Mark IV Tactical Evo: The 5.56mm Huldra Arms Mark IV Tactical Evo takes all that is good about the AR-15 rifle and optimizes it to modern standards. The Mark IV’s 14.5-inch, 1-in-7-inch-twist barrel is made from CrMoV 4150 steel and is Melonite treated both inside and out for long life and wear resistance. The gun runs off of ... Read More »

‘American Assassin’ Movie Poster Botches Iron Sight Use

Guns and action movies go together like bread and butter, so you can imagine our excitement when we first checked out the trailer (below) for a new flick called “American Assassin,” based on the 2010 novel of the same name by the late, great Vince Flynn. Here’s the official synopsis, via CBS Films: American Assassin follows the rise of Mitch Rapp (Dylan ... Read More »

VIDEOS: Smith & Wesson Now Shipping New M&P15X, M&P15T Rifles


Smith Wesson M&P15T Smith Wesson M&P15X Smith Wesson M&P15T Smith & Wesson is officially shipping out the latest additions to its M&P AR rifle family, the M&P15X and M&P15T. Both rifles retain the look and operating features of the M&P rifle line, but with the added versatility of the Magpul M-LOK system. RELATED STORY: M&P Performance – 6 Do-It-All Smith & Wesson M&P ... Read More »

Surefire Sheds some Light on their NEW Flashlights


Surefire has been slowly releasing more new products even after the excitement of SHOT Show has settled. This includes 3 new flashlights with their MaxVision beam and high output LED. All 3 new models sell anywhere from roughly $120 – $300. While these may not be entirely affordable for the general consumer, this is the […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Gorilla Ammunition Broadens their Palate of .300 Blackout Flavors


Maybe your rifle likes to dine on something hearty like a 120 Grain pill. Maybe you prefer to enjoy some lighter fare at the range like a 110 Grain bullet. Now you can get your gun eating both in Gorilla Ammunition’s new .300 Blackout offerings. Gorilla Match .300 Blackout 110 Grain Varminter Hollow Point This […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Volquartsen to Give Away “USA Themed” Scorpion Pistol at NRA Show


Volquartsen Firearms announced the company would be giving away a special “USA themed” Scorpion pistol at the upcoming National Rifle Association Annual Meetings. The rimfire pistol is similar to the one that Volquartsen Firearms donated to the NRA for a fund raising auction. The most prominant feature about this pistol is the United States of America […] Read More … The ... Read More »

BSF Perforated Carbon Fiber Sleeved Barrels


There are several companies in the industry offering carbon fiber wrapped barrels. What makes BSF different is that their barrels are not carbon fiber wrapped, but they are carbon fiber sleeved or jacketed. Also, the carbon fiber sleeves of BSF barrels are perforated to aid cooling. The difference is that in the case of wrapped […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Shooters Element Extended Magazine Release for CZ Scorpion EVO 3


Shooters Element designs and manufactures CZ Scorpion EVO 3 enhanced parts. Among their latest products is an extended magazine release latch for the EVO 3. This accessory allows not only to detach the magazine as it was intended by the original design (by pressing the release paddle with the index finger) but also to do it […] Read More … The ... Read More »

MasterPiece Arms Enhanced Vertical Grip


MasterPiece Arms has designed a new precision shooting grip for their BA rifle chassis. The new grip is called EVG which stands for Enhanced Vertical Grip. As the name implies, the grip is vertical in relation to the bore axis. It also features a large palm swell and extended rests for the trigger finger and for […] Read More … The ... Read More »

New From Springfield Armory: Undisclosed New Pistol Platform

This coming Friday morning at the NRA Annual Meetings, Springfield will be releasing a “new pistol platform.” Stay tuned to TTAG on Friday and throughout the weekend for this and other… The post New From Springfield Armory: Undisclosed New Pistol Platform appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Robb Lundberg

A pocketable Smith & Wesson revolver handles the the EDC needs of thousands of gun owners. In this case it’s the ambidextrous Bodyguard .38. See all of Robb’s gear at… The post Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Robb Lundberg appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

The Truth About ‘Israeli Carry’

The People of the Gun have little time for “Israeli carry.” They scoff at the idea of carrying a pistol with an empty chamber. “Why add an extra step to a defensive… The post The Truth About ‘Israeli Carry’ appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

CapArms Question of the Day: Does Poverty Cause ‘Gun Violence’?

“Using poverty as reasoning behind someone picking up a gun to kill another person is something I have railed against for years,” James Walker writes at Connecticut’s “To me, the… The post CapArms Question of the Day: Does Poverty Cause ‘Gun Violence’? appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Gun Review: Remington VersaMax Competition Tactical Shotgun

Not too long ago 3-gun shooters who wanted to run a semi-auto shotgun needed to buy a “tactical” or hunting shotgun, tear it apart, and build it back up to… The post Gun Review: Remington VersaMax Competition Tactical Shotgun appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Colt announces new Gold Cup® Trophy

Colt, the company whose Gold Cup® has long been the pinnacle of performance in the world of competitive shooting, announced on April 13 the next generation Gold Cup® Trophy pistols. Updated to meet the desires of today’s elite shooters, the pistol is a modern take on the stalwart classic performance firearm that has helped so […] The post Colt announces ... Read More »

Smith & Wesson Shipping New M&P15 Models

Smith & Wesson has announced it is now shipping new models of its classic M&P15 modern sporting rifle with M-LOK compatibility. The post Smith & Wesson Shipping New M&P15 Models appeared first on Gun Digest. Read More »

The Best Firearms Training Is Always The Flashiest


These guys win, I’m not even viewing anymore “training” vids in 2017 after this one.  This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen: LOL seriously.  Like the competitive breakdancing movie “Step It Up (2006)“, but for the tactical community? Whoever does it with the most style and finesse wins? Do the “terrorists” vote? Or is this like one of those ... Read More »

Apparently How To Shoot Someone Who Is Behind You


Cringe: Will this guy get VODA’d and have his NRA instructor creds pulled?? NRA doesn’t seem to like shit like this for obvious reasons. @gunbunnies via @goodini_the_great A post shared by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on Apr 22, 2017 at 6:22pm PDT The internet is just the gift which keeps on giving.  So many repeated safety violations in this demonstration it’s insane. ... Read More »

Knife And Sword Girls Are Weird Too


This video is epic: I know it’s a made up music video, but I’m always saying how weird knife and sword guys are.  There is plenty of evidence to support this fact, so don’t dispute.  My personal favorite is still this katana unboxing video, which I believe absolutely should be translated into every language and put on the main page ... Read More »

Timney Sportsman Trigger For 1903A3 Reviewed

Timney has a reputation for making some of the best aftermarket triggers available for a wide variety of firearms, at affordable prices. They are commonly used for hunting, target and competition… Read More… Read More »

Visit Adams Arms at NRAAM 2017

Visit Adams Arms and VooDoo Innovations at Booth #5131 at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings held in Atlanta, GA from April 28th through April 30th! Stop by for your chance to win a Adams Arms Upper, VooDoo Innovations Slide Assembly, and cool SWAG! Read More »

Go Team Venture! The Art and Making of the Venture Bros.


Venture Bros., the loving tribute/parody to the classic Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoons of the 60’s and 70’s, particularly Johnny Quest (although other inspirations are apparent), is now the subject of a making of/art book published by Dark Horse. The book, written by Ken Plume, with extensive input by Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, features behind-the-scenes content spanning all ... Read More »

Egyptian Small Arms Cache Uncovered, Further Iranian Connection

Recent news reports have revealed that an arms cache in use by the Muslim Brotherhood was recently uncovered by Egyptian Security Forces in the vicinity of Alexandria. A number of small arms and explosive devices were uncovered, several of which will be noted below due to their peculiarity. However one of the more important finds […] Read More … The ... Read More »

The Philippine X9 MAC-11 Clone


Check out this beauty that a Redditor recently posted on r/guns. It’s a pretty rough looking clone of a MAC-11 (M11) submachine gun called the X9 that’s chambered in 9mm. At first I thought it was just another Philippine made backyard special, but apparently they were actually manufactured and were available in the US at […] Read More … The ... Read More »

Pennsylvania Firearm Preemption Law Enforcement Bill Doomed?

For over three decades, Pennsylvania’s local governments have been barred from passing a patchwork quilt of local firearms regulations.The preemption statute had no provisions for penalties or enforcement. It was presumed… The post Pennsylvania Firearm Preemption Law Enforcement Bill Doomed? appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Rob Morse: “Let’s Stop Pretending That Laws Stop Murderers”

Rob Morse writes (via So let me get this straight. A man murdered his estranged wife and two innocent children in a California school. We are so desperate to… The post Rob Morse: “Let’s Stop Pretending That Laws Stop Murderers” appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

Democrats Hopeful That Trump Will “Cut a Deal” on Background Checks

  Joe Manchin is the Democrat behind the “Toomey-Manchin” background check proposal that failed in a spectacularly embarrassing manner, with Vice President Joe Biden personally presiding over the vote in… The post Democrats Hopeful That Trump Will “Cut a Deal” on Background Checks appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

New From The Well Armed Woman: First Aid Kits

My range bag has a tourniquet, Israeli bandage, QuikClot, nitrile gloves and horse tranquilizers for RF. What don’t I have? A handy, little bag to hold all these things. The Well… The post New From The Well Armed Woman: First Aid Kits appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Read More »

The Media Sucks at Guns – Here’s Why

[This post brought to you in it’s entirety by Sig Sauer, a member of JTF Awesome] The Media Sucks at Guns – Here’s WhyPeter Suciu After pretty much doing everything but calling the movers, it turned out that Hillary Clinton didn’t make it to the White House. But that doesn’t mean concerns over “gun control” will go away anytime soon. ... Read More »

2nd Amendment Dust Cover So You Can Openly Conceal Carry


Oh no Dennis baby what is you doin’?: A modeling pic: LOL that is too good – spartan head, serpa holster and all.  Man I love this industry so damn much, it almost brings a tear to my eye. Oh an naturally he goes on a threepdog walkabout to test it out and encounter a handful of Sheriff deputies and ... Read More »

Mike Pannone Was Used In A Meme And Drama Ensued


OMG people lost their damn minds over this: Oh heck jeeze that 9mm really packs a punch I should get a comp I’LL TELL YOU WHUT. Meme:@ohio2a Pic:@vuurwapenblog A post shared by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on Apr 22, 2017 at 4:57pm PDT Instagrammer Ohio2A posted the meme, I thought the caption + picture was funny so I reposted it as I often ... Read More »

No Fat Lady Singing — Adam Kraut for NRA Board of Directors


In RECOIL Issue #29 we officially endorsed Adam Kraut for the upcoming NRA Board of Directors election. We did this for many reasons, all of which are listed in the full article. 26 seats out of 76 were up for grabs, and RECOIL has learned that Kraut was not among those elected. But the fat lady hasn’t been singing. Not… ... Read More »

BrainScope – Assessing Traumatic Brain Injury in the Field


While much of our coverage from Warrior Expo West has been about gear, this one hits directly in the medical field. That science fiction helmet you’re looking at (Professor Xavier might wear something similar) is the Ahead 300 from BrainScope. This ruggedized and portable EEG reader can be used to assess traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the field, during a… ... Read More »

Flag-Saving FedEx Guy Joins Brownells at NRAAM

GRINNELL, Iowa (April 21, 2017) – Brownells proudly supports American patriots who wear uniforms of all types – sometimes even those who wear a package delivery uniform. When footage of Matt Uhrin, an Iowa City-area package delivery man, appeared on national media showing him bravely saving an American flag from being burned by a group […] Read More »

Ritter & Stark Rifles Now Carried by, a leading online distributor for high-performance firearms and optics for sportsmen, police and military, is first US distributor to carry the Ritter & Stark SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle models and accessories. Feistritz, Austria (April 2017) – Ritter & Stark GmbH, an Austrian-based firearms design and manufacturing company, is proud to announce, a large […] Read More »

Kevin O’Brien aka ‘Weapons Man’ Has Passed Away

Unfortunately, I must report that Kevin O’Brien passed away last week from a massive heart attack. Many SSD readers may know of him from work on his blog, While I didn’t know him personally, I was an admirer of his knowledge. Kevin was an Army Veteran and served in Special Forces, on active duty […] Read More »

Colt Congratulates Maggie Reese on USPSA MultiGun Nationals Win

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (April 20, 2017) – Colt is pleased to congratulate Team Colt shooter Maggie Reese as she achieves the title of 2017 Ladies National Champion in Open Division at the USPSA MultiGun Nationals, April 14-16 in Boulder City, NV. This is Reese’s fourth win in this competition, previously having won in 2009, 2010, […] Read More »

The Future Is Urban: Chief of Staff Milley Says Megacities Are the Future of Infantry Combat


Much of the recent discourse regarding the future of infantry combat has centered around the long engagement distances encountered during the Afghan campaign, and the rise of designated marksmen as key elements in the infantry squad. However, arguably more important than the long-range ambushes of the Taliban were the urban engagements in both that campaign […] Read More … The ... Read More »